4.0 Update and Tower Balance Changes


@Warlord Aren’t you concerned with PG’s blatant disregard for what players like yourself have coined by so easily taking away what you’ve worked so hard to attain?


Think of it as more opponents which = more fun


Sure I am but then this happens

Maxed „I win“ Harbinger Neptus, a harbinger warrior with summon warrior and a maxed moonfang. :joy::hugs:


Goes back to money cant buy skillz

Just sucks warlord spends and knows how to fly :expressionless: also, i honestly cant imagine anyone who knows how to fly while not knowing how to defend. Goes hand in hand, i would imagine if someone was only good at half then that meams they were only told what to do and not shown why or explained to properly.


Exactly. Even the vast majority will be toasted no matter what they bring. And we have lv 596 bases out there.

Maybe 3-4% out of the whole playerbase (50k+) can take advantage of those dragons Rest are cannon fodder vs defended good bases.

The skilled one assault event showed that pretty clearly. I think 50 were able to get close to max points.


I think this analogy works FOR the N-1 proposal.

Apple releases iPad Pro (Harbinger). It costs $2k. Next year (season), Apple releases iPad Pro 2. That costs $2.5K but iPad Pro, being outdated now, costs $1.5k. So on and so forth.

That’s how the game should allow for progression. N-1 all the way (kudos @EidolonRM for that proposal)


Is that not how its done?(already)

Also, im still using dragons i used for 3/4 of my entire time playing. This tells me that its possible to get the job done, the ability and precision would be tremendous but without a doubt possible none the less to be many steps down and still competing


I guess we’re talking about dragons. :man_shrugging:

That’s fine, just not where I was attempting to go on this particular thing.

And part of me knows it doesn’t matter. If I could somehow come up with a solution that made everyone happy and scaled forever, PG would probably do the opposite.


No they would ignore it in the first place lol.

The forum is for announcements and for discussing things.

If no action would have been taken outside this forum (FB, Apple refunds, negative app ratings) we would still be at the 4.0 horror update.


I completely agree.

I didn’t mean opposite as an intentional choice. More as what would happen in the natural course.


I don’t know, you do the math.
1k x 30 > 15-20k.
If PG can convince 30 players to drop just 1K to reach where you are at right now with an absurd catch up mechanism, PG will do it.


The economics of freemium are pretty complicated… Consider the “team” reward… They are gradually making that final reward better and better. Not enough people are paying to get it. Yet. They will find that sweet spot eventually, and then probably gradually lower the reward as people get accustomed to “winning” it.


And then? Those players would reach endgame for 1k and next tier following your logic would cost them 100 bucks.

With that proposal to survive as a company they would need to kick out a new tier every week.

But I’m sure your reply was driven by


But you’re not alone. The majority here doesn’t understand how macroeconomics work. :joy::joy::joy:


The only gimme I want is atlas :eyes:

I want to start leveling my riders


When in doubt if you don’t like someone. Go into the game, find all their stuff and Hulk Smash. You will feel better.


Things lose value a number of ways. Being very common is one of them.

I am not concerned about personal benefit (maybe a little, but none of my arguments here benefit me at all). I’m concerned about game longevity. The current path cannot scale much further. Dragons are so much cheaper than towers (but both are expensive) So, eventually, as the requirements for dragons get higher and higher (higher level, higher den, etc), the difference between the top 1% and everyone else will become extremely large.

I guess that’s ok, but it will lead to the death of the game.

Some say people have said that before, and people have. But we’re on the hockey stick part of the curve now… Those who said it earlier were not wrong, they just didn’t know how much the game could withstand. It won’t matter soon. No more than three more tiers under the current system following approximately the same curve, and the whole thing collapses.

Try it. Project towers for another 15 levels. Or use all previous tiers to project the next three (in cost and in strength). See where that takes you.

Very, very few people can afford to spend 15k in 3 months. on a game. And of those who can afford it, not many will chose to do so.

My intent is not to take away anything from end-game players. My proposals help them too.

But it doesn’t really matter. This was mostly a mental exercise to see what people would be interested to see. Things are pretty evenly split right now.


I agree. They need to scale price game wide. Not just scale down from the top. Or at the very least don’t increase price/cost. Which I assume is coming :man_shrugging: I would have liked to see an increase in team prizing and a move away from individual. Since that is the hardest thing to achieve and really can’t be bought. Teamwork and skill.


In Altas? Yes, the Hulk Smash method is a good way to show people you don’t like them. LOL… Or find out who is willing to spend more money in a short time.

Sure it can… Just not by one person. You gotta get 40 people to foot the bill. It’s genius strategy. But it’s not working as well as they hoped… Yet.


Just to chime in here, the team is looking at Ice Flak tower and the HP of production towers. When @PGCrisis and I have more updates, we will let everyone know!



Thanks for letting us know it’s still going on.