4.0 Update and Tower Balance Changes


Ah apologies Warlord - I was obviously thinking you meant end game :+1:


I would like to throw my hat in for it too xd


They can change whatever they choose to. What we buy applies only to things paid for with real money (rubies, chests, etc… anything in the value pack).

Edit: For context, Jared was responding to the outrage when the Season dragons were redone and Kinnarus was made what she is now. Many players had already spent sigils on other dragons based on the initially advertised dragons. Changing them mid-stream made Kin the obvious choice for those who would not be getting all the dragons (most players). But those who had chosen other than Kin were rather upset (Yes, Borgian turned out to be pretty good too, but that is not really the point.)


because its largely dependent on

  1. the quality and size or the test pool
  2. the resources provided
  3. pg listening


@PGCrisis they had the AshenVale alliance which got shut down when Joseph left
bring it back using experience players who understand the games mechanics


I also think you need a good mix of whales, medium spenders and light/none spenders at the different player levels to get the best picture.


I would also be interested in being involved with helping PG gather player feedback and info @PGCrisis. I do love a good mechanics discussion.

@Warlord thats why i didnt bother with the video contest.


@PGCrisis @PGDave
Personally, and from my experience communally, the oop’s we messed up recompense has never left anyone satisfied or feeling that pg really understands the vast uproar that is caused by their mistakes. The common response I have seen is that it’s almost an insult. So in light of that here’s a suggestion for the “apology gift”.
This game is a community game where lasting friendships are formed and to be honest real life relationships quite often come second compared to those that have been developed here. I have friendships going bavk three years in this game that I truely treasure. This is the only reason I am still playing amid all of the frustration due to the errors and glitches of the past. This giant nerf however has put me and many others close to the point of no return. I have almost deleted it several times since the 4.0 was released.
If you truly want to express to your player base that you feel our angst then give back 10%. Take the total money invested by each player and credit us 10% of that in value packs. For example player x has spent $500 in the game so they receive a $50 value pack. Begin it with a $10 pack minimum and cap it at a $1000 in packs and let us know that you desire to keep our business. Each persons apology would be in direct correlation to what they have invested into the game. Release the next tier 3 months early so this doesn’t hit your earnings as hard and move forward with greater attention to detail so we don’t end up right back here in two months. To put it in a semi humorous vein you get to eat sirloin for the next couple of months instead of prime rib and lobster to ensure that we continue to pay your checks and you don’t have to start over then it’s right back to finer dining. The “gift” would be invested directly back into the game and would most likely have the side effect of people spending even more than before. Jumping up in power quickly instills the desire to jump again and again and again so in my opinion it would work out to be a win win in the long run. I have really enjoyed this game and community for these last three years and I hope for that to continue. Thanks for your consideration.


$10 minimum isn’t bad but you’re living in fantasy land if you think anyone is getting gifted more than $100 pack in rubies. That may even be fantasy land. Would it be great, yea. And it would solve a lot of problems in the relationship customers have with PG, but they don’t care that much.


Face the truth it will be

2 gold chests
400 tokens
2 x 12h timers
3 x 3h timers
125 sigils

And a 160ish posts long

THANK YOU PG thread :smile:


Given the severity of this particular “oops,” which could have been avoided in many ways, one of which is just following normal development procedures, I hope you are not right.

Given the number of apology gifts I have received in my time, both personally and when we all got them, I fear Warlord is not far from the mark.

But, I will hope he is not right until the gift arrives and doubt is removed.

(Man, some of us old timers sound like we suffer battered person syndrome or something).


Lol whats sad is id be happy with that…but i refuse to ticket for a handout or compensation for even a justified reason. The frustration of when they respond with an automated response that literally has absolutely nothing to do with my claim is enough to send me into a rage. My next response gets the ticket closed immediately lol


Why do you gotta be assuming that just because some of us are old that we are also a person? That’s personist, and I won’t stand for it! :joy:


Well, I didn’t want to be sexist and use the actual term. :man_shrugging:

Darn those people. We need more bots. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think we should do this.

We need more stability in the game, and the best way to do that is to ensure that dragons always win.



@PGCrisis @Arelyna

I think you all need to have a “team of teams” meeting to be sure that not everyone is off doing his or her own thing.

The game is about to fly apart in your (PG’s) hands, and some teams appear to think we needs to start juggling balls of nitroglycerine while on a unicycle jumping through hoops of fire.

I think maybe we need to press the pause button for a moment and ask, “How did we get here?” and “Where are we going?” and “What is the best was to get there.”

But that’s just a suggestion.


I think what you’re suggesting is that they operate like a business. I think that may remove some of the room you left up to interpretation


I guess be careful what you wish for…:frowning:


And here I thought this company was full of Microsoft prodigies😂


I don’t know what is going on right now.

I think if the game were programed on an Etch-a-Sketch, someone just picked it up and started shaking it.

Make it stop.

Slow down and think for a minute, maybe two.

What happens to a flywheel when it spins beyond its design capacity? You should look. It is rather interesting. Everything is fine. And then, in a moment, it’s not.