4.0 Update and Tower Balance Changes


Would just like to make sure they’re assembling the right people in order to get input from all levels.


I am a new player (started last season) so I don’t know about this garnet/sapphire wall. I will say I am very active. I jumped during the fortification event from 56-70, but I don’t spend money other than the elite. I will have to skip the next fortification event just to try to recoup some timers.

I listened to a lot of higher people suggestions and my base is only two islands long (so my builds take like 10 days at a min) and not spending means I will be staying low for a bit.

I am cool if people want to spend. I think it is cool that really only spending gets you to progress levels quickly, and maybe get riders or more dragons. But having 3 devines in a season to my 1 (say if they are max) means only they have more since all dragon power is the same. I don’t mind the grind like people say but I can tell I am hitting a wall. I calculate everything out even past the current event going on.

I like that I have to be picky and choose my dragons or buildings wisely. I know I won’t get to the end game, but for me the journey is what makes it fun. Sorry I kind of got off track.

For the short time I been playing I can tell there is some problems. Especially as a non-spender. Since this is about buildings and base defense I will throw my two cents in as a new-player-non-spender:

  1. Most of the common defenses (archer, cannons, lightning, etc) are too low compared to the flame and turrets. I don’t think they would rival those, but that is one part of the problem of seeing the same layouts.
  2. New ice flak is a start, but there are too few options when it comes to buildings. Not saying there needs to be 20 new buildings added, but a boost to option one and a couple more new buildings can break people out of the “use this as a best layout”.

As another note on this. Every game always has an “flavor of the month”. A shooting game will always have an OP weapon. Or Diablo will always have a OP class higher than other classes. Not saying you need to make new buildings the OP class, but right now deal flak is it. Does it mean it needs to be reduce…no cause then people will just move on to the next OP building. Like new dragon spells being introduce (and I might be wrong since I am new and don’t have many devines, and only up to green dragons) but these spells are introduced to counter the OP building or building(s) set in a group.

  1. There needs to be more cohersion between defensive buildings. Right now it’s dark flak follow by a storm shield, or both different mags towers together, or lightning in a group (even if underwhelming sometimes). But with the first two options listed this is more glaring to seeing the same looking bases.
  2. Some towers are pretty much worthless which then makes even it more shorter of options to make your defense plans around. This is why there is mostly the same “kill island” that everyone has. To break up the same looking “kill island” if we can get more buildings that work with each other/or just buildings that are more productive.

Lastly I agree there needs to be a way to not penalize people for building a certain building and then realizing way down the road it is bad. There is a lot of suggestions that all sound good on how to solve this. Luckily I am new so it wasn’t that penalizing for me to work on my base.

Again apologizes for the three chapters of a book I posted…



You make some good observations here. You are correct that many of these things have been discussed before. I suggest finding a good base guide. There are several. If you are not already doing so, especially as elite only, following a breeding guide is also critical to maximize your efforts. You can deviate should you have a specific goal, but it will generally cost you more tokens in the long run, even if you get what you want in the short term.

Be careful not to out level your dragons. Jumping levels is rewarding, but it is very easy to get to a level that is too high for your dragons. This is counterproductive to longer term progression.


I also went from lvl 56 to 70. And all three of my divines are den capped and I am breeding gold dragons. Oh, and I also have a short base. It can work. It just takes TONS of planning. :grin:


Bases should be harder than they are. This has been mentioned several times and although a lot of the “great nerf of 4.0” has been reversed or adjusted towers are still too weak overall. I’m not the best base builder nor do I have all level 60 towers but I do have quite a few and my base defense shows as over 1bil as a short base. Currently an expert noctua can solo my base undefended. Bases cost a fortune to build to these higher levels and cost a lot of hard to come by materials. They should be much harder across the board. They should be stronger now without additional tower levels. Don’t just add levels and leave towers too weak up to 60.

If level 60 towers are meant for obsidian it should take 3 obsidians to take a well done level 60 towers base undefended or somewhere close. Currently the only reason to build is to get high enough to level dragons. Make base building an actual fun, interesting, and useful part of the game and an additional strategy besides just having the strongest dragons and you can fly through anything.

And of course ice flak is another example but since it’s already being looked at I won’t expand on how useless it currently is.



I thought That rolled back The update so why can I kill shit when I defend ? PS they’re playing with the dragons again


I never had a problem with new dragons being released or new towers. My problem is watching harbinger dragons walking through level 60 towers with ease. Now my base only has level 53 towers and as usual i am once again 2 tiers behind in dragons as i just begin obsidians. I am ok with this as a moderate spender but if you had a good base setup and good defenders you can sometimes stop the new best tier dragon. This is not the case with at least Destar i watched this dragon walk though muiple defended bases in atlas with 60 towers with no problem. So even though i was always behind in dragons and towers levels i could kill better base with good flying and stop better dragons with good base layout and proper defends. Now it feels pointless to upgrade base till i can hit new tower level which arent even out yet. So basically my base layout really no longer matters and wont be defendable for an estimated guess of 8 months to a year. Thats not my definition of fun( also by than 2 more dragon tiers will be out and will be back to sqaure 1 again. Just make it so there is at least a chance to stop better tier dragons with good layouyts and propper defends. Basically your scaleing sucks.


Yeah my base is pretty good for my level. Again I am level 70 and the only people who attack during events are level 95 and up. I will get an occasional 65-77 player attack. But with a defender they don’t advance unless a level 85 or higher advance.

Yeah I know most of those ideas have been thrown out before but it’s more of a ideal here or there. I feel there needs to be more buildings on defense in the game.

Also while it is great to storm through bases l, even at my level there are two types of bases. The good base that has the “kill island” you face off but if you can take down the dark flak (or fire turret) you are good. Then the bad base that is just long and not many turrets or dark flak.

Everyone is sick of the same “build your base layout as 1-2 things to be a kill island” but the lack of anything really good, or lack of buildings make it really hard to get outside.

And like everyone said you spend all this time building up a base and when you introduce new towers it affects your leveling. Which cause problems for new buildings to come into play.

First you have the new towers so just to level them up you need the materials but you will have to replace something mostly. It’s a double edge sword. Good news is you can just swap out one building to do this. But on the other side to build it up to your level (again I am 70 so my buildings can get up to like 24/25ish so I know how many dp I will gain I hate to see what it is like to max out a new building) but then you are jumping up levels without really improving your base.

Second is that the old buildings (I know it’s already been stated many times prior) is that there is no way to recoup that or keep your level around the base defense you want.

Which I think most people are made from the 4.0 is that not only was it bad, but it just shows that while you level up there is a huge problem when it comes to the side of your level and defensive base. Right Now it is a lose-lose situation and more people are seeing that.

Again for example I caught on early what bases to build for defense. I am still low enough to change if I do mess up. But a level 100 is going to be in a bigger hole if they have to change a lot and the higher the level the deeper the hole.

Again there are many possibilities to change this in a more positive way going forward , which have been discussed in many ways on this thread, but the game shouldn’t punish you this much if you make a mistake on your defense. If every week is a fighting event (mostly PvP) bases should be as high as a priotority as it is for getting the new dragons to scale property.


I have to say, this 4.0 update really took the wind out of my sails. I thought once they fixed most of it, I would get my mojo back. However I’m really having a hard time having fun in this game, since the great nerfdate. Hopefully I get it back but I dunno how easy that’s gonna be :pensive::unamused:


The problem of this is recognized and will be solved hopefully soon.

The problem lies here:

Lv 35-40 towers had a 40% buff from 35 to 40.

Lv 40-45 had a 40% buff.

Lv 45-50 had a 39% buff.

Lv 50-55 had a 22% buff !!!

Lv 55-60 had a 28% buff.

These need to be brought up to 40% and all is good again. However such a change can make it extremely hard for obsidians to kill a short lv 60 base. Even not a walk in the park undefended. But following that logic

50s stop obsidian legendaries

55 stop obsidian mythics and noc :joy:

60s stop legendary harbingers

65s stop mythic harbingers.

That’s just fine imo


It would be nice if the game was balanced so this logic could be applied.

Sadly, PG usually rushes out legendaries AND mythics of a new dragon tier instead of releasing all mythics in the end so the jump in power would be less ridiculous (especially during the two weeks until the appropriate tower levels are release which is usually during fort 2 weeks later).


Thanks for the shot to the heart Warlord. I mean I know I am new and all but I can’t even build that high of a tower yet. What were the changes from 20-25 and 25-30?


Let me get the figures brb.

20-25 is 44%

25-30 is 46%


That was really well said👏


It seems like a simple solution. Should be easily enough to implement.


I feel the same way. We all now realize just how vulnerable our investments are. PG can steal everything from us at anytime for any or no reason. Whether we have any recourse is still questionable. Makes one feel insecure as hell!


Why build anything bigger that costs a million days of timers we don’t have only to have them have less and less bang for your buck. And also if the level to max a legendary harbenger is 300 whatever they decide that’s where the cap shouldn’t also be for food raids. Why is it they can have the same max dragons I can they can steal my food but if I revenge I get squat for it. I get the reason for less resource raids from smaller players is necessary but if they can have the same level dragons as a higher level I don’t think it’s right that I can’t raid them for food as well. As things are now higher bases are losing out all over.


That’s a self made problem.

A maxed short base can be done at lv 350.

There is actually no business to have a higher level. If you have then you kept building towers in past fort events to get those 2k sigils which comes by opening 2 super sigils chests.

Also the team prizes are not a reason for doing so if you get 1.5k sigils or 875 the 625 sigils won’t make any difference.

Once you’ve maxed infrastructure and all towers your fort points should be zero.


Two points:

  1. The farms need to be fixed. Yes level 60’s were too high but they should not have scaled it below 50 to fix it.

  2. The build times on the infrastructure buildings should be drastically reduced. There is no reason fo the incubator and castle to take 45 days or the storage hut to take 35 days. These building do not add to the overall strength of the base and these times are too high.


To alleviate this. I think rss amounts should be determined by the dragons. Not the base. If you have a mythic Harbringer your rss should be just as vulnerable as a level 600. Since you both are competing at the same level in a sense.