A Majestic Creature is Appearing


Can I use a rejuvenate rune on chunk (he has super rejuvenate) or are there not any runes released for him yet?


Nope. Must be the exact same name or it doesnt work


Hope we get some belly flop runes to reduce that cooldown


Ikr. :rofl:


I just remembered I have this silly thing yet to hatch.


I hatched mine a short while ago :woman_cartwheeling:

Edit: a short while ago in this instance being yesterday lol.


Nothin like belly floppin a friend to say hello


I’ll need to do that to you, once I actually bother to put some levels on it :laughing: I haven’t yet :sweat_smile:


Takes next to nothing to unlock it


We didn’t either.


I’ll try to remember to put him into my roster to do a run on andy (it’ll probably max him out lol) when I next log in to run Mehatten again. I’ve been trying to keep my roster limited to just ember for the most part so I don’t waste heal potions if I decide to do a bit of quick egg token grinding.


It’ll probably give you 0% for 0 xp lol