Aibrean - Who's got him, and what do you think so far?


Im still learning to fly her but I really like her so far. I still need to test her out against properly defended bases but I feel like she has potential. Granted I only have her in platinum currently. REALLY hate the shaking effect of flash though. The glowing I get but I dont get why they’d make the whole screen shake. Makes it feel like your dragon has a massive caffeine problem

I feel like NR has a lot of potential for setting up a backup dragon


Just an update, actually really enjoy flying this guy. Got him maxed Obsidian and he’s able to set up bases and kill short bases with ease. That spring renewal spell also works for the backer, so you can just slap one of those down and the backer has a quick two rage even if you end with 0. So yeah, I think I’ll be using him a decent amount.


agreed the screen shaking from flash spell activated is quite too much


I like the shaking screen as it allows me easiness to understand when the spell finishes :sunglasses: He’s maxed on gold (around 2.5M) and cleared my invader level 155 (16.5M). Can’t complain 🤷


His flash should be white spell.




Mine is at level 33.
My main dislike is that the healing portion of its red spell is marginal compared to healing mark.
I could get 3 x more heal with healing mark, though no rage of course. However, I also didn’t have a cooldown with the healing mark spell and here I do.

The rage part of this red spell is very nice… but I find that while your rage builds and your spell is on cool down, your health drops fast.

This is one of those dragons you need at least 2 if not all 3 spell running simultaneously or cross-active for best result. Chaos is great on farms :ok_hand:t2:

I’d say he’s a decent drag. Not better than Necryx, different from Avyx. Of course having this dragon at 33 and expert is a huge difference but for now this is it.


Here’s a link of me flying Aibrean.


Here is a 38 on lvl 50 Invader towers. Does pretty well. Will make some more videos when he is higher. At 48 now will be 54 minimum by end of this event.


Nice, but being that the Invader is mostly a projectile base, spamming flash is all it needs to get the base down.