April Forum Contest: Happy Anniversary WD!


So cool! Kinn was my first divine too :t_rex:


Cool! I love the colors :heart_eyes:


Thanks! I have more art if anyone is jnterested


The other side of Kinnarus…


Yeah I outgrew her awhile ago( I’m almost to garnet) but still in roster just for abilities. I wanted to draw a bunch .ore dragons but ran out of free space lol


Haha yeah I was trying to make her look a little more wicked since every drawing is her looking all pretty and such


You should create another thread and fill it. :+1:


De nada… yo le animo intentar a pesar de ese.


If I did that I wouldn’t get likes and such for the contest… and I think half the point of the contests is to drum up discussion and awareness of the forums… but thanks for the like!


The War Dragons teachings of life

Dragons were Mythic beasts in the ancient times and they were fighting against or along the worthy riders of a specific covenant. Their time came to an end though and for milenials we didn’t heard of them. But now, they are reborn in a game that I stumbled upon about 2 years ago. And since then, I became addicted ! Yes, I recognize myself as a War Dragons junkie. “My name is VoldaR and I have an addiction. Strangely enough, I don’t want a cure !!”
Yes, the game itself is nice, but what makes this game addictive is the fact that people all over the world join together in an effort to reach the same goal: Awesomeness ! (that’s what Panda told Oogway when talking under the Tree of Life…or maybe not). Little level or high level, noob or master, everyone of the 50 riders of a team learn every day more about themselves and about each other’s. This is what I think makes this game one of a kind: people joining people from all over the world with a specific single goal. And this opens up new paths of communication, changes perspectives and destroys preconceptions. And most important, this game puts a dent in the “me, myself and I” selfish attitude. You can’t win it all alone in this game ! And this is a big step forward in the society we live in, where all is more and more about oneself.

All these to say: PG, thank you for giving us a game that’s more than one simple game. And Happy Anniversary !


my filter series of war dragon :laughing:


¡@VampireAbadeer, puedes participar! Puedo leer y entiendo español. Y cuando no sé una palabra, puedo usar Google. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow… your piece is absolutely breathtaking. I love how much detail you put into it. I especially love the highlights you embedded because it make your composition really eye catching. Amazing job :+1:


Vaya muchas gracias… mandare algo… Gracias de nuevo


Thank you so much! I had enough time to put a little more thought into it this time… usually I only find out about the contests on Facebook like three days before they are do! Anyway I have more art on my art page if your interested



Happy anniversary WD! I take a lot of photos of dragons so I thought I’d post some. Hopefully they will inspire you



not sure pics taken from internet are accepted.


These are all mine there are no water marks on them and a professional underwater photographer would take waaay better pics. I do a lot of diving in the south Pacific. That first pic was taken under an oil rig in Malaysia. It would be cool if WD got inspiration from what’s under the ocean there are so many dragon like creatures. I wish I had a pic of a Leafy Sea Dragon :pensive: it’s on the list thou!


I would love to see it if you don’t mind. :heart_eyes: