April Forum Contest: Happy Anniversary WD!


I have a broken hand, so right now I can’t draw, I can’t sew, well I can still type mind you but I’ll save my writings until I really have inspiration.

So my entry for the contest is about 10 years old (another anniversary) but I’d like to submit it because I would have remade it if I could for this contest :

This is a print, a real print from pressure on thick paper. I made the original slab of zinc, carved it, etched it with acid, made the textures with sand then inked it and ran it under a pressure roll (I don’t know all the specific terms…)

For the little story, it’s a sweet Mama Doeragon watching over her egg in a lava pit, with the Drabuck watching from afar (because he has to hunt for both adults, and because the Queen would not let this massive clumsy male around her fragile egg :joy:).

I hope you like it!


My Canada dragon. Spells are Tail Slap, Beer Vision and High Sticking. Ballista Resist of course.




a cousin of nessie, the seadrag. sitting at home and watching for intruders, who cuddle him.


Short story:

Wife: How was work today?

Me: Great! I learned all about dragons.

Wife: They talked about dragons in your production meetings?

Me : No, I said I learned about dragons. I don’t know what everyone else was doing.


Drew Kirin for the contest. Happy Anniversary WD!


this for sure is the best of your drawings, good job!


That is majestic AF.


Thank you, I had a lot of fun drawing him!


I appreciate it, haha!


I see, I know that is needed a big effort for fur, hairs and feathers. My entry will be ready tomorrow, need to finish a texture and add some tree trunks. Working a lot for make it.


I bet it’s going to look great, what dragon are you drawing?


it’s a suprise, and it’s not a drawing :wink:


I’m so curious now!! :joy:


I looked through a lot of your drawings. THOSE ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.


I saw little Kirin sitting there, and fell in love. Look at him, he’s too cute :sob::sob:


Hahaa, thanks! He was a pain to draw but I had to add his little rune buddy flying around :joy::blush:


Thank you!


Happy third year anniversary, War Dragons! I present to you my entry, Hauheset. :grin: Also, the little roman numeral clock behind it represents the famous spell, Time Shift!


I finally finished my entry. I wish to say a special thanks to @Aires for sending me a video of Renard rotating in his den, as I have yet to breed this beautiful dragon myself. I also wish to say a special thanks to @Luffy and @Shimear for providing feedback during the drawing process on how to improve this picture into the finished product below.

In addition to the drawing, I also created a video that shows the creative process behind this project and uploaded it to youtube for those who wish to see what exactly it took to create this drawing. The youtube link is below the finished drawing. I used the app Procreate to make this drawing of Renard, and Procreate captures every single stroke that is made on the canvas. So if it looks like nothing is happening in the video, I was probably just working on tweaking something that is hard to notice if you weren’t zoomed into the drawing.

My entry is entitled: Renard in flight
Although Renard is not my favorite dragon in terms of spell set (as a rule I’m drawn more towards hunters anyway), I do think that he is perhaps one of the more beautiful dragons in this game. That is why I chose to draw him. I look forward to the day when I will own my own Renard.