April Forum Contest: Happy Anniversary WD!


I drew Phasmos the evolving Sorcerer champion for my entry to the War Dragons third year anniversary contest


maybe adding flying or wind effect?


I’m in love


he looks like a wolf/bird hybrid :joy::wink:


Renard is the french name for the Fox.


oh rly??? i didnt know that


Yep. Renard is the French common name of Vulpes vulpes, the red fox.



P.S. You didn’t need the name tag. Great job, knew exactly who it was.


I spent 19 hours on the drawing and probably at least another 5 editing the video. I don’t want to touch it again.


sounds reasonable, for my entry I spent 9 days.


And it looks amazing so far :eyes:


Yeah, that time was spread out over 11 days for me. Normally the projects I work on are spread out over a much larger period of time. Doing that picture of Renard seriously cut back on my time to grind egg tokens and work on other creative projects :laughing: (I usually spend my evenings writing in google docs with a friend. Didn’t do much writing while working on my entry.)


that why it isnt as clumsy as mine :joy: I only spend 1 hour to draw and take 1 and a half color it


Same :joy:


Alright, my entry is here. This is inspired to the military dragons family, Hantu, Amarok and Dazing. In every royal court we have soldiers, Knights, Kings and this should represent one of the missing links in the family, the Executioner.

His name is Azi Dahaka, the Executioner dragon, rided by an undead executioner dragon rider called Thanatos, wielding a devil haunted axe and ready for make justice between dragon lords.

Every time this dragon flies, is 100% victory, food and lumber aren’t safe in opponent bases, once raided, the dragon is pretty generous and will never makes the team mates miss resources.

Now you’re wondering why there’s a Jaguar in the scene… Well, this is my signature, Panthera onca is the scientific name of the Jaguar.

Now for a better view of the whole stuff is here a link to the sketchfab website where the scene is uploaded, offering you a complete view in 3d of it.

Happy and good “Draconiversary”, War dragons team!


This is gold right here


Some mindblowing stuff man ! Kudos ( hats off ) to your creativity and skills :bowing_man:


thx, what means Kudos?


Kudos => congrats (congratulations)


I was going to write a short story to go with this, but then I realized I could only submit one entry. So, since the picture is done and the story is not, I’m posting the picture instead.

Aetrix may be the worst Sorcerer in Red tier, but I’ve always thought his design was really cool. The title of the piece is ‘Still Watching’. The context behind it is supposed to be that Aetrix was left on perch duty and now his master has forgotten him–just like we all tend to forget about our older dragons when we get shiny new ones. Even after days alone on the perch, the dragon still stands, faithfully watching over his master’s kingdom.

I wanted to capture both the beauty of the dragon and his loyalty in this shot, and maybe make you all think a bit as well. Take a moment to remember your old friends from earlier tiers, even if they’re no longer strong enough to fight at the level you’ve reached.

I hope you enjoy!