April Forum Contest: Happy Anniversary WD!


Well this was an adventure of its own kind. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Should I have added some deeper stuff here? Oh well, I guess I’m sort of curious to see if this work can stand on its own, without words. Meow.)


I love the detail in the armor :open_mouth: Awesome job! :t_rex:


This is utterly amazing. I tried drawing Aibrean but kinda gave up when I couldn’t get his talons right.
I love it. I hope you win man that’s just respect. You gotta teach me how to paint like that!!!



My first time trying stop motion animation. :joy::joy:


Very creative, looks great for your first time.

(“Please don’t sue” :joy: )


Can I send also a picture for the contest on Friday?


I don’t see why not. Usually the deadline is sometime in the afternoon on the last day of the contest. (For the past two creative contests, the dead line cut off for entries has been at around 5 pm Pacific time.)


Okay, so I did Sage. I like the way he looks, particularly how the colors work together. That, and when you fly him, you can feel all powerful and zap your targets with lightning :hugs:

Since I love drawing comic pages and graphic novel type stuff, I decided to go with that style. This was all done in colored pencil and a touch of ink. All of this was done by hand, including the font. References were used, but this was all my hard work. Enjoy!

And I put together a fun little scenario comic clip. Cheers! And Happy Anniversary, War Dragons!


i thought about skylanders when i saw this :smirk::roll_eyes:…isnt that spyro


That’s so cool ;-; :heart: Must’ve taken so much time too. How did you map out all the words so you could make a dragon out of them later? Also I wish I knew how to use white paint like you use it :joy:


it’s actually Spyro, precisely the model from “The legend of Spyro, a new beginning”.


Didn’t they put spyro in skylanders?


Thank you!!! ;-; I honestly had no idea what would happen with this whole thing, I’m sooo glad to have some positive response, especially since whenever my own dear mother walked past she’d just look horrified. :laughing: Guess it looks scary to her.

Oh, that’s always sad :c Coincidentally I struggled with tonsils too until I watched someone more experienced draw them. That’s one very efficient way to learn. Meow, maybe I’ll visit you in your dream as my purple meowing ball -self and you’ll gain limitless knowledge of the universe. (?)


Wah, is this meant for me? (I’m new to these forums. :grinning:) Thank you very much if it is, in this work there’s both failure and success all in a mess, I’m happy that the armor turned out to be one of the successes. :grin::sparkles:


Yes! You are very welcome :smile: :t_rex:


The originl Spyro is from 1998.


I drew it out ahead of time and put guides on the paper so I mostly knew where everything was going ahead of time. Then I just filled in the words.

And everything is practice. Do anything for long enough and you get good at it.




Deci Renard A&A Girasol Ormarr Nydryr Sage

Plus two of my own unique dragons designs
Lyptys (left) Whismere (right)

I spent a lot of time on this, and I know it’s not the best drawing in the world, but I hope everyone enjoys it.

Good luck to everyone! :heart:

(And did I submit it right? This is my first time participating so sorry if I did it wrong)


Try taking a pic of each drawing?