April Forum Contest: Happy Anniversary WD!


Kappa didn’t make fun of them, just asked a question with a lmao at the end. Pretty sure it’s a sarcastic lmao :t_rex:


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Chunky Chunk is chugging Chunky Cola.
Chunk chomps the wood chip while chanting his name.
Getting tipsy, Chunky Chunk chars and chips.
Chasing butterflies and fall with flopped belly, charred.
Getting hurt Chunk goes home for more Chunky Cola…


You took it from the internet and edited it. It’s not yours and that’s not cool to do.


you literally JUST added your name at the bottom when you posted the original image with the authors original signature… i wasnt born yesterday

you literally had the authors signature at the bottom in your original image… PG can see edits so they can verify what i’m saying


maybe if you spent more effort in creating something rather than trying to cover up you would be productive


I wonder if Italy has something like Intellectual Property Rights…


I hope that comment wasnt racist…


Sorry. I don’t mean for it.
Just saying that because that guy doesn’t seem to understand about copyright infringement at all, and his language is Italian, according to Google Translate.

I tried to find document about Copyright Infringement law in Italy, but haven’t find it…
Guess I’ll edit the post if someone can link to one


I’m pretty sure Italian isn’t a race… and Orca was talking about the general country, not the people.


Thanks, it took me a long time to draw it, I love to draw dragons, I have a lot more dragon drawings but this is my newest creation and it look a lot cooler :grin:


everything fine, thanks for the explanation.


Please keep it civil people


Do you like anybody’s art work yet


Ok here’s my entry. Thank you very much for this amazing game and happy anniversary!


CHEATER EXPOSED!!! :scream::joy::rofl:


Buongiorno ci siamo ci siamo :muscle:


Never stick myself on a game for that long before WD. I tried to reward myself with a dragon but im short on art sense. Credit to instagram for helping with my messy shadowing :joy:. Happy anniversary WD. :smile: