April Forum Contest: Happy Anniversary WD!


All of the entries so far have been great! Keep them coming! :smiley:


Awesome! I like it so much!


Thanks for the anniversary chest! Appreciate the hard work by all to make this fantastic game possible!


My entry

I’m not an artist, i like to focus on my numbers and optimizations, as does FRED my new favorite dragon. We think a lot alike. I hope you enjoy


Where are Fred’s wings? He isn’t optimized for flying.
But I guess as long as the numbers are good then Fred has my Love.


Chunk fetching lumber

There are reasons I stay away from art. :tada:


I’m not even gonna bother telling you all who this beautiful dragon is since is pretty clear from my drawing. If anyone is interested in some drawing classes please, feel free to hit me up I’m always happy to pass my talents to a new generation.


YESSS this is hilarious


Wow! Your shading and contrast are excellent and your linework is phenomenal! Amazing job! :grin:


Thanks Aria, I was thinking about how the dragons must be young at some point and come from an existing wild stock. The process of launching from from the cliff face would likely involve some jostling of the weight and wings. I tried to show the uneven weight distribution and the unweighting of one foot as it switches forward to get ready to fly.

I had misread the contest dates and thought it would end today, so I sent it through a bit earlier than I would have cared to. You captured a lot of feeling in your drawing! Nice job!


Your art is so good it looks like you just copied and pasted Aibrean on there, love it!


Will there be another contest, if there is then When? What is the theme? And tell us all about it


This is gorgeous thank you for sharing


Yo this is Harvard you wanna get a free art scholarship?


This contest’s not even over yet…have some patience.


These entries are so amazing! I love em!




I’m confuse, you are asking me to go teach for you guys right? ill think about it depending how much you paying.


Thank you Nyx! It definitely took a while to make lol. I’m loving your drawing of Corthanak and there’s no doubt that it’s cute and fierce at the same time. If I remember correctly, you have that set as your YouTube profile pic, right?


Yes, that’s correct