April Forum Contest: Happy Anniversary WD!


Yes, that’s correct




This is the best game ever


Love War dragons


Thanks Dragonrrhoid. Your dragon is pretty amazing. You have to sign it and send me a copy please!!! Send u a bear hug :slight_smile:


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It’s one entry per person… you might want to decide which one you’re actually wanting to be judged as your official entry. Edit: All of these look amazing by the way. I especially like the middle two. Probably the blue one the most (simply because blue is pretty much my favorite color).


did you just post someone else’s art or are you the artist “ruth thompson” playing war dragons

i swear lol people these days just draw ur own thing like what everyone else has been doing the legit entrants look amazing so far




I’m still working on my entry :blush: been working on it for 2 hours 20 minutes so far… at least this version of it. I had a few other attempts that I abandoned. I decided that Hauheset is a pain in the butt to draw so I’m doing someone else lol.


i cant wait to see it im sure it’ll be lovely

if you had spare time i would have loved to see hau she’s one of my favorite dragons


Sadly I deleted those files :sweat_smile: I reeeeallly wasn’t liking how they were turning out.


So we can make contest entries here? Here’s mine (1 of 7 parts)


It’s kind of out of order but page numbers at bottom of each image: 1-7.


My entry (idk if I posted it wrong before, cuz I’m new but here it is again, Essay pg. 1-7) if it appears out of order, page number at bottom of each image just cuz it seems to upload them in a diff order…


Certainly heartfelt and I enjoyed reading it thanks for sharing


İyi oyunlar dilerim bence ejderler den istemediğimiz i silebilmeliyiz bunun için silme fişi veya taşı olabilir bunu marketten alabiliriz yanlış kasılan ejderler için silip yeniden üretme imkanı olmalı bir diğer husus ise süper sigil chest lerde çıkan 25 sigiller epik olarak görünüyor ama bu sigiller bronz sandıklardan nadir olarak düşüyor süper sigil chest lerde en az 75 sigil olmalı oyunda aşırı derecede bug var savunma girilen savaşlarda oynamak güçleşiyor bunun düzeltilmesi oynanabilirlik açısından güzel olacaktır kolay gelsin


i’d rather choose your meme over this :joy:, show them your meme :star_struck::star_struck:


A tribute to my favourite game.


Is this the rollout?
Am I on an Atlas team?
Not yet in Sapphire
No escape from the Platinum leagues

Open your eyes
Rubies are the prize I need
I’m just a poor boy, not even elite you see
So I mostly grind, take it slow
Bred epic greens, epic golds
Don’t know why Kirin glows, war is all that matters to me, to me

Fomhar, just killed a base
Cast Entrap on his best towers
Then Autumn’s Reap to boost your power
Fomhar, life had just begun
But Vanish was disabled by the mage
Fomhar, ooo
Didn’t mean to let you die
If you’re not back again in time for more war
Potion, potion, because war is all that matters.

Noctua, your time has come
Send you in with Noxious Vines
Or Hauheset and I’ll shift time.
Goodbye inactive players, you’ve got to go
Gotta leave you all behind to get all flames
Fomhar, ooo (don’t know why Kirin glows)
Turns out I can’t fly
My sigils should be spent on Aibrean and Nollaig

I see a little Apophet approach my base
Supershot, supershot will you make the dark flak go?
Trebuchet! Ballista! My base design has missed ya both!

Aquileas, Aquileas,
Aquileas, Aquileas,
Aquileas Austeros - with Southern Cross!

But I’m just a poor boy and nobody backs me
He’s just a poor boy from a poor bronze team
Spare him the grind for his monstrous next breed

Forums up, forum post: can I have past stones?
Bismillah! No you cannot get past stones - Rainbow stone!
Bismillah! You cannot get past stones - Rainbow stone!
Bismillah! You cannot get past stones - Rainbow stone!
Cannot get past stones - Rainbow stone! (never)
Never get past stones - Rainbow stone!
Never get past stones ooo
No, no, no, no, no, no, no
Oh Arelyna! Arelyna! Arelyna! Past divines!
My Kinnarus has a Dodo Guardian for me
For me
For me

So you think you can sand me and cripple my base?
So you think that your follow will lay me to waste?
Oh raider, can’t do this to me raider
Just gonna get shot just gonna get shot out the sky

Ooh yeah, ooh yeah

War is all that matters
Anyone can see
War is all that matters
War is all that matters to me
Don’t know why Kirin glows


I had to sing along :joy:


Same :joy: