April Forum Contest: Happy Anniversary WD!

Please note that I’m a trekkie so this is a crossover of Star Trek and war dragons. 

I was trotting through the forest of the planet arague III with my pouch at my side and my phaser on stun. Arague III is just outside the beta quadrant so it took several months to get here, and when we did we found it had inhabitents. Humanoid ones. Acorrding to the stuctures we were able to find it closely resembled mideviel earth. Little did I know how closely it did.
So, we were walking in the forest of arague III when the landing party desided we should split up to cover more land and draw less suspicions. Now, I was alone. Alone in the forest. And it was beautiful. So peaceful and quite. Chirping birds, running water. An occasional roar. Bugs cra... wait, that roar was loud. And it’s getting closer!
Ever so suddenly I was confronted by a giant lizard with wings! I dident know what to do. I was an ensign! This was my first time I was on a landing party! I am face to face with a wild beast and...
This creature inturuped my thought process. It spoke, supprisingly in English, saying “girl, I’m no wild beast! Who do you think your thinking to? A lion?!” 
Then another ginormous beast came down, closly resembling a lion with wings. It spoke too. How does everybody on this planet know English?! “That was surprisingly offensive borg,” the creature said.
Again, the giant lizard snarled at the giant lion, “yo, your arn’t even a lion! Your a dragon.”
“I have lion ansestery.”
“Don’t you dare correct me!” 
“If I had a pinky, I could crush you with it, so don’t make threats.”
That’s when another creature with wings apperead. It seem to be made of metal and electricity. There was something else different about this dragon. It had 2 heads.
“Guys, guys, guys!,” the 2 headed beast yelped, “Your giving a bad impression to the new guy!” 
“What?” the lizard spoke, “that guy thought I was a wild beast!” 
“That’s cause you are acting like one.” One of the heads quoted, “look, I’m so sorry about the other 2. They always get like this.” 
I was so bewildered by all that was happening I forgot they were arguing about me. Eventually, I found the curage to say “h-hello-o.” That’s how the federation first became known to the world of dragons.


(Oh Pretty Woman)

War Dragons, taking down the base
War Dragons, the game I love to play
P G I don’t believe you, this can’t be true
No one can suck as much as you, mercy.

P G won’t you refund me
P G I couldn’t help but see
P G that you’re as stupid as can be
Please say you’re just joking with me

War Dragons, stop awhile
P G do you know why?
You say give your cash to me
But you’re not fixing stuff we need

P G don’t just look on by
P G don’t make me cry
P G please fix my game, but wait
What do I see?

Are they listening to me?
Yeah, guess we’ll have to wait and see
Oh, oh, War Dragons


Yeah, it was the closest title I could come up with to ‘Bohemian’! :joy:


Amazing, I love it :rofl: :+1: :t_rex:


Sorry about my indenting! I’m in new here.
There! All fixed up and ready to be judged!


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Wow, I really hope you are not trying to pass off that top image as yours, because it is a blatant rip off of this person’s entry:


All these dragon drawings are so much than mine! Love em guys! Keep up the good work!


My entry was flagged I guess… so do I post one of them again??


Are you the original artist Ruth Thompson?


Or not


a concept piece myself and my team came up with for a new rider and dragon


Drawn by me


War dragons cookies. And yes these tasted amazing.
Hand painted and made from scratch.


I love war dragons for being the first and only game that attracts me. Here I found new friends and allies, as well as enemies! War dragons - this is my little life, my kingdom! I like the drawing of dragons and avatars, it’s getting better and better! And this is my photo, I’m in the image of Oksana.It’s me on this picture. I hope you enjoy it, good luck to all!


I am so jealous of mechengg and napkIn

All I got was this


I won’t eat it.
It’s too good to be eaten (perhaps violation against Dragonity)


You look like your current avatar lol :joy:


May be🤪


LOL! very funny :rofl: