April Forum Contest: Happy Anniversary WD!


here is another rider and dragon


Only 1 entry per person, love. Both look awesome



What is this made out of


Я по английски не говорю


This is plasticine


Awe thanks!


What do mean?




Anything loving dragons and heartfelt & sincere is good! U did well!


The ugly rice krispy dragon. My son insisted there be blood. He’s ugly and dragons clearly aren’t my specialty but we had so much fun making it. The final picture is our inspiration dragon. :blush:


that looks so delicious omg lol


That is so pretty! :open_mouth: :t_rex:


really? I give my like because how hilarious it look :joy::joy::joy:


Exactamente tenemos que publicar nuestros escritos aqui? No entiendo y acabo de ingresar a este foro por primera vez. Ayuda.


Lol he’s a ugly little thing I know but man was he yummy :joy:


My entry into the contest. Colored pencil drawing. Had to put kinnarus on there it was my very first divine… whish I knew then what I know now I would have gotton her past platinum… anyway thanks for looking


Sí. Ponlo aquí.

¿Tienes alguna pregunta?


De que esta hecho???


Gracias es todo, solo que al ver todos lostrabajos creo que no tengo oportunidad