Atlas Expansion and Team Rollout! April 2018


Good point…
Could end up being a blessing in disguise


I think so too.


Still better then not having it at all…

So consider yourself lucky :wink:


I wonder how high the servers will be tomorrow… :rofl:



So…wait for the coast is clear before inducing atlas stress tomorrow?


I started getting worried about the fact our team was not getting Atlas yet!
You know if new update is going to fix battery consumption issue that got back for some devices with 4.16?


Wann bekommen wir denn Atlas? Weiß man ne Uhrzeit wann wir es bekommen?


Heute, dieser abend. Wenn update 4.20 geht live.

Sorry if my german isn’t right. Not my first language.


Weis man wann heute Abend nach europäischer Zeit? Do you know when this evening After European Time?


Nein, weis ich nicht. Aber ich denke spät am abend. Oder in der nacht… Der ist geine genaue zeit


Thank you :kissing_heart:


Does anyone have a theory of how difficult it would be to change the level of lands after release? Like it makes sense for most of the new lands to be lower to me but as expansion continues shouldn’t the center of the map be increased in value? Is this something that would even be possible? More concentrated value the closer you get to the center. With one central capital that offers far more value then the next level.

#1 should be twice the value of #2 in my mind & controlling the capital should be something heavily contested and therefore valued.


I think it would be fun if the level of land was in constant Flux… Perhaps make an island slowly increase for 2 months then start to fall until it is taken by another team. So instead of level 5 land, that island would have have max of level 5 (starting off at level 3 when captured)… But it would mess with infrastructure so i guess it couldn’t happen. But it would make Atlas more interesting. Teams would need to constantly be gaining new land instead of sitting on the best land permanently. Just a fun idea :slight_smile:


Is the update gonna come out today ???


:joy: it’s only, what, 8am for them? It’ll come, just give it time.


Lol there fb says it’s coming today to so I’m sure it will


it will still be today somewhere.


Possibly after event timer ends


After this rollout, does anyone know what the ratio of players is for players who have Atlas and those who don’t?