Atlas Expansion and Team Rollout! April 2018


By my estimate it almost doubled the population of atlas, which is a far cry from even a quarter of total. Only PG would know, and it’s hard to estimate population below gold tier.

Bronze easily accounts for more teams than all
Other leagues combined multiple times, but many of those players are disengaged, won’t stay active, and many of those teams are 1 person teams.

It’s more useful to pay attention to the velocity at which teams are added. Which is accelerating at an exponential rate still. And if everyone gets their access in the next few hours they will
Have turned on more teams in 1 day than they previously could do in well over a month.


Updated to 4.2 and no atlas?


Have you rebooted the phone?

Did you confirm your team was in the list still? Do any other teammates have it?

If other teammates can get in, try reinstalling the game.

I assume you know where the button should be and have confirmed the version displays 4.20




Hexus…my Sapphire 1 team not added!


Thanks it started working finally just had to give it some time


Expedite on infrastructure is broken and needs to be fixed before pvp returns or all new castles are sitting ducks for weeks. Reports this days ago, still no fix.


Please let me know what castle name and coordinates that you are experiencing this issue.


Was on Shagland 271 -217
Solved since 11pm pacific last night…an ally said theirs started working. I tried it and it worked too. Three upgrades now expedited.



…there’s a place called shagland?! :joy::joy::joy:


Perhaps I missed this - When does the new ‘land’ become available?

edit: nvm… “roughly 2 weeks” sigh. Serves me right for ‘skimming’


Hi @pgEcho

Can we all please know if the land is scheduled to open on what date, between 17th and 20th April. Assuming, it is about 2 weeks from the safe zone opened.

In case there are some delays, it is understandable, but please let us know in case we have a date for the roll out



Barring any setbacks the plan is to rollout new land around the middle of next week sometime after the event shields go down.


Next week? That’s not the 2 weeks after the 4.15 release you’d originally said :cry:


Well 4.15 turned into 4.16 too so I guess it all just got pushed back




Right :joy: hard to remember when you have 4 updates back to back


I can see your artistic skill is what led you to the CF


:flushed::hushed::rofl::rofl::rofl: I’m sorry Lutrus but Panda literally made me laugh out loud. :joy:


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So with the teams that weren’t on the list, that should have been on the list, be notified that they are now on the list. Also why aren’t we on the list. Also why weren’t we on the list.