Atlas Expansion and Team Rollout! April 2018


First time I saw someone link back to the same thread without just quoting the relevant bit. I See something new every day I guess.

I’m pretty sure they were notified by having the list updated and a post saying it had been updated. Which isn’t more notification that the original list got.

Fairly sure everyone is aware of atlas was added to their team by now. It’s somewhat difficult not to notice.

Why aren’t you on the list? Were you previously? There was a bunch of sapphire teams that were accidentally left out and when it was noticed it was mentioned that a few of the platinum teams formerly listed were no longer listed

Basically oops a mistake was made. Mistake fixed. Teams had to be changed to accommodate it. 205 teams is the largest add to date which almost doubled the size of atlas.

Not sure what you are hoping for? If you feel you should have been added and were not I’d suggest a support ticket or a PM.

If you were looking for an explanation as to why there was an oops, well… Doubt you will get that. Mistakes happen.


When is the next roll out will happen? I mean when the next time teams will be added to Atlas?


It will probably be months


Atlas population just doubled, let’s wait for things to settle down before another expansion please.


I have heard, that for a price, you can buy protection.

Or hang out in neutral until you have enough troops to make a stab at taking a level 2 from someone who isn’t in an alliance.

Otherwise, the short answer is no. Be ready to grant passage so you don’t become collateral damage. :slight_smile:


To give everyone perspective here, after the expansion and the teams are added:

  1. how many total teams will be in Atlas?
  2. How many total level 2 castles will be in the game?
  3. How many level 3? 4? 5?
  4. And teams who already exceed these numbers will be keeping whatever land they have, correct? Or maybe selling it, I suppose. Real estate is always a good investment.

I think the takeaway for all new players in Atlas should be this one part – “they can still destroy you.”
If you are new, you should know that while glory is going to be very important to you, it is substantially less important to more powerful teams/players. It has increased slightly in importance due to changes in how defense works (guards instead of troops), but if these strong teams are not being attacked, they will not need to replace the guards very often. (Yes, I’m also not considering the “team glory,” but until we see the rewards, it is impossible to say if glory has the appeal needed to incentivize hitting your peers.

Is it possible to build any kind of infrastructure in neutral? Can you stockpile the resources you would need to go conquer something and then get even a minimal infrastructure in place so that you could hope to hold it? Level 3 pretty much seems like the absolute minimum for this to even be remotely possible.

Well, this assume you already have at least one castle and some infrastructure. Maybe if you tell everyone what the percentage decrease is with enfeeble for each level, they can determine what level would be needed to defeat a “big” who is double, or triple defended. Usually, if they are trapped (sorry new guys, you won’t be able to trap right away either, but they can trap you–so, you will sit there, on your new land, and be able to do nothing more than defend and die), they are defending themselves as much as possible, so triple defense on the enfeebled prime is rather typical.

While we’re in a numbers-giving mood, maybe we can tell everyone the stats for the different primes? Sure, game level matters, in as much as it makes you’re base a more difficult target, but depending upon the stats of the prime that is attacking or being attacked, you can WIN the battle and still LOSE more troops than the other prime.

Let’s not forget 65s ARE COMING. We have known this for a long time When they do… how will a new team, a team that will obviously NOT have expert riders with legendary gear, have an answer for 65s? And while we’re talking about gear and riders… how will the new buffed gear, which sounds incredibly power (not that there’s a problem with that–I like the variety and potential) factor together with enfeeble? Basically, what will the EFFECTIVE level of an enfeebled base stacked with 65s, perfect buffs (rider, gear and research). and buffs be?

PSA for all new Atlas players

Make friends. Make friends with people who won’t stab you in the back. Make friends with people who won’t piss off a team who has better friends. And if you’re not ready to drop a lot of real money… You may want to do what many of us have done in the past–build up as much as possible, and when the next expansion happens, hopefully you will have enough resources and a sense of what is going on to leverage that.

Everyone already there has been getting ready for this for a long time (good land rarely changes hands, so new land is pretty much the best shot anyone can have at an upgrade)–Atlas is not very valuable without land, and even with land, you will likely find that you spend more upgrading and keeping it than it ever pays you back. Shoot, ask Dread. They have more level 5 land/castles than any other team, but I bet they have not yet seen a net positive return on what they spent (either real or in-game) to get to where they are. But maybe they have. Each level is far more expensive than the previous, and the increase in benefit, at least if you don’t have level 5 land (BTW, level 5 land has never been taken from the owners, exception being a team in beta that quit/disbanded). I

'm not complaining. I am saying, whatever you THINK Atlas is, that is not what you’re going to find. It’s a brave new world. I really like it, but it will be easy to get overwhelmed/discouraged.

If you expect to get nothing, hopefully you are pleasantly surprised. You will not be disappointed.

May the odds be ever in your favor (OFC, they are not).


Do you know any good yoga instructors? I feel becoming more flexible may not a necessity for my short to mid term future in atlas.


I see one of two possible outcomes from this expansion. It could demonstrate how well the Atlas design team is doing in balancing the world, or it could demonstrate the depth and breadth of the impact of Atlas not being reset at launch.


i expect a shit show as they have done nothing that i have seen to sort out the serious lag issues in Atlas with the few teams that are on those servers now.


We still looking at the middle of this week for expansion? Any chance you can narrow that down a bit @pgEcho



The new PVP regions mentioned in the beginning of this thread will be opened up this Wednesday, April 25th. We will shut down Atlas access before the release of the land, and open up the land sometime in the afternoon. A message will be sent during the day on Wednesday with the target time players should expect Atlas to re-open.

Any news on when the Atlas Expansion is coming?

@pgEcho thanks for the update. Can you confirm if the issue with safe passage not working properly has been fixed? Before the shields went up, there were several reports of members getting delayed even after safe passage was granted.


I just want to know what platinum and gold teams made the list to get atlas :woman_shrugging:t4: @pgEcho


Its in the announcement thread


Can you tag me in it please


… or, you know, find it yourself? It’s literally the first topic on the main page of the forums…


I was looking for it for a while and I couldn’t find it but I just did. I couldn’t find it that’s why I asked for help but thanks anyways :wave::joy:


Safe passage? That is going to be the least of your worries on Wednesday, wait for the real latency to take affect! What a freaking joke.


Whats league for tea rollout in April 25th?


So the land rush will start during a crafting event?

You don’t want to start it during a kill event because you will hand out too many prizes?