Atlas Expansion and Team Rollout! April 2018


Kill events are being removed from the rotation as Atlas seasons is forthcoming. The Atlas season is essentially one long PVP event.


Thank you for the reply.

So the Atlas Season will start before the land rush? That would be fabulous.


When can we expect another roll out?

Kinda getting tired of playing the waiting game with no deadline to know how long we have to wait.

Especially when teams like this

Get Atlas

And teams like this

Get nothing but another chance to be left behind


Oh my god, why that team have low activity but that team won the lottery? This unfair


Yesterday, my team just 48 member in Platinum 2 :frowning:


Well…it was a dramatic lottery. :rofl:


That team is gold 1, it just looks like it died or merged recently.


Well, chances are that as a Atlas team it will soon be full again :rofl:


Lol NP


New land in Atlas opening the first day of Fortification :thinking:


Yups, April 25th at the same time Atlas Season begin too


and the same time the latency in Atlas makes it completely unplayable for everyone in Atlas.

Here is to hoping the servers catch on fire (yes i know they are in the cloud) and Atlas is forever lost as part of WD.


Yes and atlas season starts… let’s hope the servers can handle the traffic!


Anyone else experiencing major lag, and (more frequent than usual) errors about failed waypoints, unable to complete troops, and having poachers (in neutral) being completed prior to finishing your attack, etc?


Yes. 15-22 secs on average after each action (e.g., entering Atlas, attacking a mine, poacher, looking at contributiions, accepting trained troops, etc.). Also, if you try to move to a castle to soon - failed waypoint, or move your Home - failed, accept trained troops - unable, etc. Yet, give it about 3-5 mins or exit game and relaunch, your prim will be on the designated castle, your Home will have transferred, and your troops collected.

How"s that for Latency, maybe they need to create a new msg that says, “Action delayed due to built in Latency issues, it will be completed in due time. Get yourself a cup of coffee.”

Oh, they “allude” to issues being addressed with release of v4.30 later today, but as usual they won’t give us a target time (USA PDT) for its release so we can plan around it.


because it’s a lottery?


Any ETA when Atlas will come back?

Will we need to update WD through the Apple store before we can get into Atlas?


@pgEcho how are things going over there? Any chance you can narrow down the time frame a bit?:pray:t2: Game email was very vague. Will a game update be required to access expansion?


Has the Atlas button reappeared now?


Atlas Seasons (and the Atlas button) should now be live as of about ten minutes ago!