Atlas Expansion and Team Rollout! April 2018


No one on our team can move anywhere… failed to add waypoint error every time - and now were screwed for land. Wtf.


Yeah, great job on 4.30, I spend 16 minutes non-stop tryng to get on a castle in the new land and all I got was the failed waypint msg!:rage: PG did a great job on the latency issues.


The Lands we were aiming at are still blocked by Kharnix?!! While all others already captured territories we are still sitting and waiting… of what? Can’t tell really…
Have to get up to go to work in 3 hours, but am sitting and waiting for nothing… great game, thanx…


Can’t load troops to my Primarchs, can’t move them. This is absolutely useless


Trying to open Atlas after relaunch:

Trying to open Atlas after reinstall:

Awesome launch kids.


Just Clear Data and Cache, dont Reinstall😋


Did that first.

Also, since I apparently cannot post in the Atlas forums, I’ll put this here:

While waiting for you guys to unjack your servers I spent $200 on another game. :man_shrugging:t3:

Have fun working overtime putting band-aids on things you should have fixed beforehand.

I’m gonna sleep super comfortable tonight in the knowledge that I’m not paying you for it.



Once again way to royally screw up another release. Players said fix the bugs first and you didnt listen…ill be reaching outto apple for a pretty hefty refund now. Thatnms for giving yet another reason to get my money back. I encourage the rest of you to do the same. The only way PG is gonna listen is to hit them in the pocket books and apple is very nice about it i hear


Man this is messed up, new land opened but safe zone isn’t? Can’t set way point, can’t move prims, why you even release the expansion


yep stuck in safe zone, warning cant set way point. Cant move at all everytime i try i get this warning.


If you wait patiently, it’ll load. This happens with every atlas update and reinstall.


It gets stuck at 453/454 for minutes before you have to force quit and download again multiple times.
I wonder how much patience all of us have when we are still playing this game after so many “Known” bugs and glitches :man_facepalming:


Yeah, I believe it’s the same thing everytime. You load everything but the last file which needs several minutes and all you need to do is have patience :slight_smile:


What is this word you say?

Some fancy foreign term I suppose?



Translated roughly to ‘in vain’.


I’m sorry, I didn’t specify here the way I did in my support ticket…

I waited 25 minutes for that file to load on a strong wifi connection before thinking maybe it wasn’t a server-side issue and reinstalling.

All in all I waited for that one file to load for about 4 1/2 hours while a massive first-come-first-served land grab was going on that would affect my team for months.

What a shitshow.


I personally force-closed the app at 7:28 central, immediately reopened, and immediately went to Atlas… I was hung on the last file for about a minute… but even with that RELATIVELY minor hang-up, all the outer land a couple territories in was already claimed by the time my Atlas loaded. Even if it hadn’t been, I couldn’t move my prime (failed waypoint over and over).

This was, indeed, a shit show. As many others have mentioned - people have been complaining of Atlas lags and such for as long as I can remember - but somehow it was still deemed a good idea to release a bunch of new land, introduce a bunch of new teams, roll out a whole new thing (Atlas Season) - all a couple hours after the start of a fortification event… and we PAY for this level of quality (or lack thereof)…


and no apology in the forums from PG for another clusterfuck of a roll out…

Spenders spend so PG doesn’t give a crap the roll out was another example of how ill prepared their servers and latency are.


Hi, my name is Suav and I’m a War Drag-aholic.

I’m curious how many times the words ‘MASSIVE FAILURE’ escape someone’s lips in any of the seemingly endless rounds of meetings over at Pocket Gems. After all, the first step in fixing a problem is admitting you have one.

Start owning it guys, then (and I don’t know why I bother saying it because you’re clearly not listening) DO BETTER.


@PgJared @pgecho @pgdave @pgeggtoken

Can we get some sort of response from PG? An update on when these issues are projected to be fixed? An apology? A dismissal? Something?!?

Nothing agitates your player base more than complete silence from y’all. We’re more willing to be patient and understanding if you were just open and honest with us. Transparency goes a long way!