Atlas Expansion and Team Rollout! April 2018


If it makes it any better. In talking to teams that have been in Atlas, many have been collectively working together for the last couple months getting ready for the release. No new teams honestly stood any remote chance unless they were lucky enough to find affliations established in Atlas.
The experienced Atlas teams had their primarchs poised and waiting. Better yet, they waited until a new team claimed it so they could go in for glory and more land. Good strategy.
The part I really enjoyed was the one where we were supposedly in agreement to cohabitate. We moved in. Then were swiftly removed again because another alliance team wanted the space. Then they said we could reclaim again. Lol fool me once…:joy::joy:


Not sure you understand how Glory mechanics work
New teams with very tiny influences will provide next to 0% Glory for older more established teams because world ranking, infrastructure, and troops all count towards the %.

So they didn’t do it for the Glory, they did it for the land ownership.


It’s a terrible mechanic imo… we had a little team with a level 328 fighting us all day long, I would get 1% glory for hitting him, but meanwhile he can get 100% hitting low with destar


What about establishment, alliance and how much lands your teams own? I believe this mechanic will quickly stabilize the map.
Most high level teams won’t even care about glory as long as they get the land. So even this is not fully successful, from what i heard.


Yup agreed that there should be an upper limit as well that mirrors the bottom end of the spectrum, aka if we can hit you for 30% you can hit us for 30% (in NML or on some castle neither of us has owned for 24hrs)


Idk to be honest. AllI know is that we worked hard for 13m gold to start an infrastructure then got decimated before we could even figure out what all the buttons meant or how they functioned.
It was an epically short lived victory


Doesn’t sound fun at all :frowning:

Between the super lag, being booted from the game on every defend attempt, and other things we certainly didn’t have too much fun last night either.


Ugh. It really says something to hear that from you. It is apparent you have a great deal of enthusiasm for the game.
This whole deal has really killed mine.


So your own alliance took your land?


no, it was a neighbor we tried to cohabitate with
Edit for clarity:
It was unowned. We conquered it and then the rest.



100% agreed.

I‘ve been saying this since the proposals were announced but PG doesn‘t really care.


Caring is not on the roadmap…


Thanks, this made my day :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Same :joy: that was the answer to win the internet


Well played sir!

Reminds me of back when @Joebot would reply to threads like this with “This is an optional feature. You don’t have to play it if you don’t want to.”


How much longer you will new rollout for Sapphire 3 and Platinum 1 again?
Now, my team in platinum 1. Maybe next weeks my team promote to Sapphire 3

@pgEcho @Arelyna


Maybe when Atlas is stable enough to actually load on the first try and not lag like crazy… so in about 2020.


I would guess at the very least you probably won’t see teams added until after the atlas season ends assuming the performance issues get worked out


I’m a glad our team didn’t get picked for atlas, so many issues✌️