Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach


I was just giving u a hard time, nobody perfect man lol


Maybeh :thinking:


Are you saying you could find better use for them? Give them a better home??

Cause i been trying for WEEKS to find em a new home, too many mouths to feed yada yada etc etc


If you ever want to store towers again


After Event


Here’s the base after this Fortification event.

Still have to calculate next goal. Will be hard to get obsidian eggs before next fortification to unlock lvl 60 towers :frowning:

Done building for this event


Hello Coach,
One of your base follower. Any advise?

My alt


@XG0 I’d say move your level 70 to the long island asap. For me as a level 65 flyer, the turn between the short and the long island is what allows me to take a base like yours to 70% with Avyx or Ettin. If the second blue mage decloaks me while I’m still within firing range of the level 25s on the long island I lose a dragon there almost for sure.

Also I’d move the blue mage to the front instead of the ice turret, you’re giving me extra time to talon strike/havoc it to the ground now.

No comment on the 159 base, that’s out of my league at the moment :smile:

ps. what happened to your second lumber mill on the 70?


Probably upgrading.


I would shift your 70 to long island and build a rage drain island, you are early In the game to follow my guide. Don’t level anything but your 5 towers that are on the short island right now.

158, layout is decent. Again, stop leveling everything except you 5 kill towers in front of the middle Long Island. Stop leveling turrets and other elemental towers that are in the back of your middle island just because they give good event points. You’re hurting your base by doing that.


Thanks for your observations. I usually keep middle Long base setup. Just testing out perch setup. At below lvl 100 I am finding perch setup very effective against dragons except Mr. Necryx.


I’d suggest taking the high red mage off the rage drain and replacing it with a lower level that is on your long island in addition to the other thoughts.


Does the red mage on your back island still cover the blue mage even though it’s in the corner?


Any place for ice and fire flak?


They give good event points? :thinking: even if they did, what the hell is your secret then? :joy:


At lower levels they do give good points because other buildings don’t require much lumber to build. Lower level players are tempted to build and upgrade buildings that use embers because it’s quick easy points.

What secret do I have, don’t quite understand the question.


You are 1st…nvm lol


There’s no secret there, you can see the level of building I had at 226 and what level they are right now. Upgrading all of those + storage from 73->80 and den from 46->50, those are the only things I upgraded and got to where I am points wise.


Quick, patent the leveling strategy :joy: (re: secret)


Honestly 5% people will do what I did, rest will deviate from the plan or just not be patient enough. :slight_smile: