Controversial mercenary war tactic condoned by PG


For the record I’m not pro-merc. I’m pro-trying to make the most of it. What league are you in?


But the ringer can’t LAUNCH a war run on his own. That means he’d have to follow someone else THEN activate the airplane mode. But at that point, you’d be able to get a defense point anyway since you could have been in the defence during the first part of the run.

Edit: Not that I acutally know how airplane mode works. It’s not really a thing in my lowly plat team lol. I’m just going off my understanding based on what I’ve read on the forums about it.


We were Saph 2 When it happened now plat 1. Four people left int the middle of the night and left us open to many many wars.


We tried to join every defense my wife stayed on the game for 12 hours attempting to join every defense and she only got into 6


So is losing 4 members in the middle of the night the real problem?


And it wasnt her connection she had 4 bars of LTE on verizon.


In that case, it seems like more than just the ringer was using airplane mode. Which is a different issue as @CheekyGrinch mentioned higher up.


No,we lost the four members after the war loss.


Well this right here I can tell you right now is not the end all be all I was staring at my phone after 12 straight defenses of my base waiting for the next one and then bang I was beaten without notification. Happens to me a lot. Might be airplane mode, might not be.

edit: scratch that I know it wasn’t airplane mode because he had a follower in the war run when I saw the replay. But got zero notification for it.


They are not members you would want if they left after one lost!


I hear ya. Server lag does that to me as well, but if I see my attack have good signal and still cant join and everyone else on my team is rejected its fishy. My thing is Ringers shouldn’t be allowed to fly backup regardless especially not until AP mode is fixed. You cant even guarantee you will be able to get your defense points if they fly in AP mode.


Maybe on this topic, for some strange reason. You certainly weren’t “pro-trying to make the most” of the Atlas changes in your responses on that thread. Why is it ok to tell others “make the best of it” with issues they are having?

Let people have their voice, I’m sure you wouldn’t like people telling you “just deal with it” for issues you encounter.


Nope, I was going to kick them anyway after the war because they recused to follow war protocols and bring in my alt accts instead they left in the middle of the night with no warning.


Good instincts then. Too bad they left before you could kick.


How do you like the 101 questions in an attempt to discredit your experience with mercenaries?


Yeah it sucked but we are stronger now and working back up. Crap happens.


I never told you to just deal with it (except for when you were so stubborn I had to say ok fuck it guess you have to just deal with it since you don’t care to do anything about it). If you’d actually read my posts instead of skipping over them and crying about mercs you’d see I’ve been trying to offer suggestions. I can’t change anything I don’t work for PG. If all you want to do is is bitch til they change it please file a ticket instead of continuing this thread. All this thread exists for is to have you hope to hear someone echo your opinion, serves zero purpose otherwise.


That’s a good attitude. Please feel free to read through this thread at the suggestions offered to help in the mean time for whenever/if ever PG (not us) decides to make this change. I suggest not being one of those in this thread that just throw in the towel and abandon all hope because we’re not all picking up our pitch forks and lighting our torches.


It doesnt bother me, I get some people have never had to deal with them we caught a bad break. Two stacked teams declared on us and we lost fair and sauare they were just better, we declared to offset the points and keep our ranking they brought in a merc and AP mode attacked us, lost four players in the middle of the night after the merc war and had six more wars declared on us. Now we are coming back up through Platinum.


I’m asking you questions because I’m trying to help. Don’t let these guys make you think we’re all out to merc you to death and hate you and your opinions.