Dark Flak Tower Balance


Off topic Warning:
Crux of context is as long as player, whether casual or experienced search online for base building and follow decent ones most dragons are normal dragons. OP is because of misinformation. On a properly built at any level above 45, Kinnarus is not OP. When playing just for fun and nothing else, you don’t go till level 300 or explore forums unless you are frustrated by a specific thing which is understandable.
But they should come to forums and check once in a while for informative topics and get a bit more competitive to have an opinion on competitive changes.

Coming BACK TO TOPIC, for my level DF stun is good and i don’t want it to be reduced or it may make flying easier at competitive level.


What level is that? Also, in the few weeks it takes to get to level 45 most do not have the shards and embers enough to build a proper Kinnarus island. You should let folks around this level field these questions, context is important.


Just stop building totems and focus on one dark Flak instead of several and you’ll be fine.


I am level 67 and I have level 23 DF. At level 45 I unlocked DF and took it to level 16 directly.
Please note that I am an F2P with only elite and started game 2 weeks into fall season.


That’s called E2P :smiley:


Didn’t want to write 50% of days free and 50% of days elite :wink:


Hey folks. Thanks for all the feedback in these threads! We’re going to close them now and start work on tower balancing.