Ever feel guilty hitting certain teams?


Eight years of driving and I don’t think that I’ve ever made that connection. :exploding_head:

What about “Jesus is my SatNav” ? :thinking:


Back on topic…
I felt guilty when hitting one target during KotH (this one). Hitting a lv 121, turns out the he is lv 20 in disguise. It’s not because that base is small, but my Avyx still has exp multiplier…:joy:


I have no idea what SatNav is :thinking:

Baby on Board can also be interpreted as … No, I’m not drunk, I got a screaming terror in the back seat. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Satellite navigation, like GPS


SatNav = Satellite Navigation or GPS

edit: acknowledging the speedy fingers of @Enigma who beat me to the punch.


Did you tell your team to hit it too? :joy:


That’s an easy yes…


Oh, that’s easy then, it means they are a follower of Jesus Christ. :grin:


To continue the off topic nature of this off topic thread…

Baby on board stickers are there for emergency responders, as babies have a hard time saying that they need help after a traffic accident


Really? I didn’t use mine for that purpose but that is a good point. :+1:t3:

Mine was more to warn other peeps not to expect me to be rational. :joy:


My mom used Baby on Board sticker to get out of speeding tickets (she couldn’t control her speed due to the pest [me] in the back seat), she said I was “distracting” her.


Did it work? :eyes:


Yes twice actually. One was with a local officer and other was with a state trooper