Feedback for PG on Samhrad's Spells (New Legendary Sorcerer)


As i already saied
Samhrad is a great follower,not a lead Kill/sand/block the Red Mage and most of the time she will purify 5 towers with her Purification :slight_smile:
from the Gospel 2nd Mark : and the purification will fall on those who will not have Red Mage. Amen :smile:
EDIT. Anyway, equip she with her x3 Purification Runes and x2 Rage Runes


Honestly it needs fixing as it makes Sam worthless… I’m trying to work out what makes it happen… can’t just be random…

Don’t know why it can’t have the ring and hit detection of earthquake


Tagging @PGPulse for the glitched spell confirmation (I hope I tagged the correct one) .


How dare you…


I’m pretty sure it’s when you shoot off the spell too soon as your turning, need to wait til you’ve fully turned and are facing the island dead on, that’s what Iv found with fireball anyway.


I’ve found it happens most on the 2nd cluster on long islands tbh…

I was wondering weather it was to do with where the tap landed… like on a tower as apposed to on the ground :man_shrugging:

Atm getting Sam is the first real regretful choice I’ve made in this game :cry: