First rough draft of World War (closed; smaller, focused threads coming soon)


<3 Thanks for the detailed feedback @ShadowsOfBirds!

  • Good thing I changed the proposal to get rid of any mention of player-specific prizes. Heard that feedback loud and clear!
  • Do you think it’s better off to not provide an option to disable core wars? Certainly easier to go that route. The burden might be a bit heavy for teams. Sometimes it’s hard to try new things without giving teams an option to transfer some of their attention to the cool new thing (if in fact, it is cool, ha). The intent was just to reduce the burden on teams and make the addition more fun. I’m not quite sure where to settle on this one. Worth further discussion.
  • Thanks re nice prize additions — the novel, non-power-affecting prizes for top teams are pretty cool in my opinion too!
  • Anywhere->anywhere is really targeted at increasing the pace of Atlas. People ask for that all the time, but maybe this is either the wrong way to achieve that, or just plain the wrong direction to move Atlas.
  • Re alliances – removing blockades and letting teams team up for important wars was a small attempt to relieve some of these headaches without ending up in a situation where D1 is one giant unbeatable alliance.


Also needs to be a dashboard to manage all assets at once instead of clicking on islands everywhere.

I wanna play a game… not be an accountant with files in 10-15-20 places.
The more we can automate the more we can focus on fighting!



Thanks for all the feedback everyone. A lively discussion is always the best. I’m closing the topic now (as promised above!) so that we can revisit much smaller slices of this proposal individually. I think it makes sense to decide on the foundational pieces before we try to build on top of it!

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