Flying Primes 1 Troop Glitch again


With flying Primes we now kill Primes and they immediately respawn with 1 troop and come right back… had 4-5 doing this last night during an attack.

We would kill them and 1min or less later they were right back with one troop :man_facepalming:t3::man_facepalming:t3::man_facepalming:t3:

Who needs to build troops anymore just keep one die and immediately come back :man_shrugging:t3::man_shrugging:t3:
Since you spawn with 1 all you need it clocks!


You should still be able to attack the castle’s Fort directly if there’s just a bunch of 1-Troop Primarchs around. Are you not able to?


No Sir,

You have to hit the Primes on the fort the message pops up saying you have to fight the Primes on the fort first.


That sounds like it’s not working quite right. Which castle is this so we can try to reproduce it?


Will send you a PM.