Fortification Planner - Updated!


Can I count as 5 users :slight_smile:

Honestly though, I add something similar to that on my own, but I prefer not tweaking other people’s work, since you regularly update (yes I am that lazy)

Its not necessary at all, but basically once the calculator comes up with say "you are short 927.3 days of speedup timers), it would be useful to have it show something like “Spend 180370 rubies to gain sufficient timers”

Doesn’t really need more than that


That is possible to give a suggested ruby count if you are short. Can and will look into that.

In other notes, I’m happy to be able to reveal the source of the Dragon Manager site that i’ve been getting the updated information from. @Sandberg is the mastermind behind this so many many kudos to him for getting the information to me in a timely manner to help out the community. I’m sure he will have a big roll out post about it in the near future :nerd_face:


Do we get the URL or do we need to google/wait for him to announce it :stuck_out_tongue:


That would be entirely on him to announce :slight_smile:
I doubt google would get you the correct link anyway


Oh the suspense!


I can’t edit in the doc?


You have to make a copy, this is to prevent any ole Joe from changing the original.


How do I do that? I used this planner last fort and didn’t have this problem…


Are you using this in google sheets or microsoft excel?
What cells is it not letting you edit (all or certain ones)?

Nothing is completely locked down at all, everything you can simply work around with a simple “yes” if you do run into problems. It is just a warning on cells that might mess up the functionality of the sheet if touched


I download it to phone. Can’t edit it on phone. Need to be on a computer?


It’s all of it I can’t edit. Just says wiew only, and I use sheets…


Can you go File->Save a copy?


No it says that’s not possible


Care to grab a screenshot and we can take this to private message to try and help you out?


Sure, we can do that


I will update it soon :slight_smile: Just haven’t had much time last couple of weeks.


It’s Fortification time kids - make sure you have this planner downloaded and ready!


slacker :slight_smile: