Freeze Your Foes: Introducing the Ice Flak Tower!


or impotent :wink:


I’m surprised that there isn’t an Ice Flak Fix post yet​:thinking::thinking::thinking:


I’d wager they were focused on the just released event changes and the rider release, perhaps we’ll see something this week


So far nothing is mentioned for the rebalancing of ice flak? I hope we do not need to wait too Long. The current damage is far lower than the screenshot provided here and can we ask for refund? Lol.




Will Ice flak stop this new 'War cry" spell?


Pretty sure yes. Dispels other white spells


It hasn’t stopped anything as of yet :scream: so I can’t imagine it’ll stop this either.


War Cry would be easier to stop, because it wouldn’t expire before the ice flak super shot fires :rofl:


Ice flak super shot kills ONE stack of it. So when you activated 3 when it hits you one time you still have a 20% attack boost or your follower.


30% boost on Neptus is scary :scream:


This guy understands how the new warrior will work :grin: