Gameplay Faction formed!


I see your intellectual capacity is boundless. I didn’t can you a moron for playing. I called you a moron for continuing to play a game that you’ve felt is so broken for 2 full years. Since I don’t find it so broken, and I’m far less upset about what’s “not working” than you are, the lack of intelligence falls squarely on you, little lady. Back to the drawing board you go. Thankfully they got washable crayons for you.


fill out a support ticket, this comment will likely never be seen since it’s in a thread about the game play faction


I read the first 200 or so posts but then it made me feel like quite a few are unhappy about an attempt to do something in order to make our game play experience better. I have faith in the group chosen (though we don’t really know how representative the sample of players truly is) they will focus on the needs of us all.

At least PG is trying to do something to let our voices be heard. We (myself included) tend to get pretty darn critical and salty pretty quick on the forums. Surely you all can appreciate if the group is too big it will be difficult to form a consensus and move forward. Let’s try to keep a positive attitude at least up until you have reasons for being negative with this latest attempt.

Thanks to all that participate, I hope you don’t become lightning rods of negativity. I also hope PG really does listen to you all.

Please remember us “little” people all the way down to bronze.

Cheers and good luck!



So that I’m clear if I had to pick somebody to represent myself as a player for this group it would be you. I have not always agreed with what you have said but do respect your opinion and your ability to navigate the mess of the game. I don’t know the other players well enough to say if they will be good representatives or not, but, I can say that having multiple people from the creators faction in there is not doing the image of this group any good.

It probably would have been better for PG to just have created this group, got some results from it implemented into the game, then disclosed it as “look what the new GPF has done for us”. I know that is not the transparency that some people are looking for, but the way they released this it just seems like a marketing ploy to appease the players.


not me? ouch, just ouch bear.



LOL you were my second choice. :innocent:


Well Red will have to represent us both. GO RED GO!


Sshh don’t tell anyone I’m an alien :space_invader:


I hope Gox is there. Love his insight about the game.


In fairness, @TheRedDelilah may be the single biggest proponent of tearing down the sapphire wall, so I think we’re well represented there.

So far, with the players I have seen confirm their membership, I believe it should actually be a fair sampling of credible people… unless @CBAteASandwich is involved - then God help us all.


Honestly none of this matters unless these people are actually listened too, which i doubt. But we will see.


My first order of business will be asking them to increase the cost to breed Obsidian and eliminate timers in all event prizes. That’ll solve the balance issues.


I have to admit that I am not happy with the current state of things and the first thing I want to do is rant but I sincerely hope the people PG chose for this new group carry a sincere desire for the entire community and will try to get the game back to where it was when I started to play almost 3 years ago. Congratulations to those chosen. I hope you guys can have a positive impact in the future of this game for non spenders and new players as well as keeping the game fun and competitive for the big guns. You make the game fun and a goal post for the rest of us.


Oh my goddess!
Which criteria do you used when you’ve been choosing ppl?
Ability to provide detailed feedback about gameplay doesn’t mean,that this person knows anything about the game and his/her opinion means anything.
Parrot also can talk,lol.
You guys better get some good D1 flyers who really can give you some good advices,since they are long time players and spending a lot of time online)
I’m surprised that we don’t have PlayerJ there,i this case,lol


Yes,sir!me too)


Until a non-spending super active grinder confirms he is in the group, then not all parties are represented. Sorry but Red just doesn’t cut it. She has spent a lot in the past and to now consider herself a nonspender isn’t what that part of the community needs. Will she bring insight,sure. Will Warlord and Panda bring insight, absolutely. But where is the grinder in this group?

Why won’t PG release the list of players in it so we can see if it’s a fair sample?


only 10% doubt that could happen.

A riot would occur if PG ignores even the gameplay faction they formed.


I hope there is one in the group (a qualified one), but either way I’m very grateful Red is there. You should be too.


I agree that a true non-spender is needed. I won’t say my larger two accounts make me a non-spender in any way. I was referring to my 166 account to which is a true free account. Sorry for the lack of clarity.

I think there are some free to super low spending people in the group too. I’m 100% positive that there is an Elite Only player (who is a kick ass flier) and a super low spending player (3-5 packs a year tops) if that’s helpful to know.

I think why they won’t release a list is some people don’t really want to share. Perhaps due to messages or whatnot, can’t be sure.


It honestly makes sense why they aren’t releasing a list of names. Can you imagine the spam messing these individuals would likely get, with everybody trying to give them their specific input? Some people like to fly under the radar.

I do wish we could see some metrics like @Jonesy suggested earlier, if nothing else than to let us see general information on the set of players chosen to represent all of us. There are so many unknowns that we can’t really give a full evaluation on how, and if, this will work out.

Again, I think we all need to be patient.