Gameplay Faction formed!


I think there’s still a bit of a difference between running a third account as a non-spender, with all the knowledge from running the first accounts, and being a first-time low-level non-spender. But I do understand that getting a sub-100 first time player like myself in would be of very limited value for most of the topics discussed, and would be a bit much to ask in the first wave. Also I’m pretty confident in people like yourself and @forScience keeping an eye out for the low level interest.


100% agree! This is why I am very passionate about getting reliable guides and information in game for players. I don’t think they should have to hunt and make so many mistakes due to misleading mehanics and such.

I certainly think there is value, but it is limited - I agree. I promise I’ll do my best to represent players of all types.

Also this :heart:


they have been doing it for 3 years. other factions have been created in the past… ALOT more than 10% doubt that.


well, that’s in the past. They are improving bit by bit. Warlord and Red is there so let’s just wait and see what happens.


Improving? I see no evidence of this. as i said creating the committee means nothing unless it’s listened too. So no, until meaningful changes ACTUALLY happen they are NOT improving.

All i have seen is they have made an effort to appear to be preparing to improve.

Sorry if i am being too critical but PG have made far too many false promises for me to trust anything that they are doing. Its all been smoke and mirrors up to this point, and i have no reason to believe this will be any different.


Once again…without fully understanding what the intent of the group is in a more defined manner it’s impossible to say who would be mostly suited. It’s all conjecture atm.


that’s why I said bit by bit.

They have done a fix on Airplane mode which is being experimented on.

Mega attack being disabled 15 minutes before the round ends.

27k rubies > 35k rubies.

Pre-war attack is now gone.

Ban wave with a bit of false alarm.

Research cost change.

I don’t know if those are not evidence of “bit by bit” improvement. Unless you see them as failures.


Airplane, still isn’t fixed. Plus we are seeing this new swap fast thing. so no, not fixed yet after 3 years. maybe they are getting there but not yet.

Mega attacks were a bad idea to begin with. limiting it is making a mistake a lesser mistake. still a mistake. so not thats still a point against them in my books.

ruby improvement doesn’t do much since everything costs more. smoke and mirrors.

pre-war attack, okay i guess. that was never a huge issue for me.

I will give you research cost change. that WAS an improvement.

Yes some things have changed and gotten better. But while all that has happened even MORE things have gone wrong. 1 step forward, 2 steps back isn’t improving to me.

Either way i think we both approve of this committee thing, and we both hope it helps. you just have more faith in PG than i do.


I just have more faith in the players they selected that revealed themselves.
I just want to be as positive as possible.

Experienced being angry on my past game and that game was pretty shtty to be honest but can improve by a lot. They ban people criticizing them and you won’t get much reply when you post on their forum.


Not sure about that!
Gold chest drops remain same and probably only runic chests are way more expensive , also super sigil chests should have been 4k rubies for set of 10.
But that was then and now, the same.
Also, number of gold chests have been tweaked recently and that too, only on the increasing side.
I will leave it at that.

I also understand that maybe everything was far more expensive in the first place that this reduction while it may seem as improvement only reduces actual value to be more reasonable than before. Again, virtual currency and value for them is always debatable.


Cost of towers has almost doubled and 12 hour clocks are still 15 per legendary drop. So demand is up but supply is static.


Hasn’t that been case forever now. I am very new so you know it much better than me.
I have been looking for that specific change for 2 months already while i only started game about 5-6 months ago and that’s ridiculous.
I am not even sure if they want to change that because i see that as their way of milking whales.


costs as in building time, egg token requirements and the watered down gold chests we have seen over the past year. (addition of black pearls, ice frags, elemental frags, fire frags, for example (most of which are not wanted by most spenders (the ones opening those chests the most)))


Oh i never meant to doubt the people they selected. I’m doubting they will be listened too.


that’s what we’re going to find out in the next coming weeks and months.

It’s just formed so no progress has been made yet except suggestion that the faction has already done.


Ultimately it’s going to work out one of two ways. It’s going to be more beneficial. Or it’s not. :man_shrugging:


Really hoping this works


As am I.


One of the main reasons i am so skeptical is that the few people we know were selected all support the idea of scaling older content in some way or another. This has been brought up by them and many others many times for well over a year… yet nothing has been done. Why would selecting a small group of people to tell them things they have already been told by those same people create any sort of change?


I would also like to see someone, who has never spent a dime on this game represented in this group.

Gameplay is very different while not spending. I’ve had more than a few situations where big spenders simply cannot understand why I am taking the actions that I am taking. It’s because you are thinking on different scales of time, with spending, time in game is relative to the amount you spend. Without spending, time becomes much much more real.

I am not taking shots at those who have been selected, I think you all a great bunch, I just would like to see a non diamond, non atlas,non elite, non spender represented.