Gameplay Faction formed!


Putting the negative things aside, I do not post much but I watch and read almost all threads that will impact me, I can only see this as a good thing and people have cries out for this for a long time, having real players actually have input before making these big moves is essential!

Great step in the right direction, I hope it is kept up :grin:


Can you explain the ashenvale alliance for those that weren’t here at that time


Who said they were automatically a part of the group? Either way, there are about 9 CF members, such a small number. Why make a big deal about it? :face_with_monocle:


It was formed in response to intensely negative player feedback (sound familiar?:sweat_smile:) and it was basically a group of players venting at a selected PG employee who, for the most part, just listened with no real impact.

This was in part because it seemed like a move by PG to simply placate the player base and ill suited people were chosen who saw it as a way to push their own personal or team needs as well as some who simply did not understand the game and it’s mechanics but were “personalities”. There was some postitive but it was a lot of stagnation.


The function of the group should not overlap. However, if one is capable, I don’t see a conflict there. Just like Steve Jobs being on the board of Pixar and Apple. Making a point but I mean, as long as they know things I don’t see a problem. Again, two groups should serve different purpose yes. Not necessarily the people


I really hope this group increases the fulfillment of gameplay. Good luck to everyone included and I can’t wait to see the outcome!


Exactly. Very basic negotiation principles.

Hopefully the faction will treat their new roles as negotiators, not just ambassadors.


I would imagine that adding CF members have the convenience of adding people that already have followers and as such they already have a base to get a feel of the community.


I might be wrong, but I think there’s more than 9 CF members. I think nearly twice that many?


If a CF member is also a very knowledgeable player, I have no problem with some of them being in the CF and GF.
But automatically inviting all of them while some might just be good in drawing, reposting or video editing (no offense), is not the right thing to do in my opinion.
They should meet the same criteria as everyone else who got in.


Since we don’t know the criteria, we don’t know if they did. Ideally, the criteria would be wide ranging and not all that narrow.

My take on the differences between the two is as folllows:

CF is to give information to the community

GPF is to give information to PG

Those two things are going to overlap. When the CF gives info to the community, they tend to get a lot of feedback. As such, it would make sense for some, not necessarily all, but definitely some to get in whether their strongest skills are data analysis or not.


@TheRedDelilah how many people is the GPF made up of


My point is this. Collectely getting feedback from the community is why a forum exists. This tool and in game communication should be the primary method to help improve the game and provide feedback. Narrowing this down to a few players will get their feedback and experience which may or may not actively represent the player base. If 3/4 members agree that Haus is over powered and you change the dragon, what happens if the community is not happy with this change?

When we introduced the Atlas group this worked really well as an avenue to provide feedback and changes made by listening to the majority of the player base I think @PGDave listens and responds to feedback daily in almost all the Atlas threads inviting discussion before a change is made.

Creating a group and inviting players to talk and decide changes for a game doesn’t feel right without the community feedback. I would have expected that someone from each of the tiers and where knowledge resides within different aspects of the game. While people do have alts would be nice to get daily continual feedback from these players in each category. As we do not know the members this is hard to judge, but hearing @Warlord and @TheRedDelilah are in the group is promising.

Thoughts I’m having are:
1)What is a change is made by the group and the community is not happy, then what?
2) How are the discussions going to be shared with the whole community, noting the issues discussed and potential actions. Wouldn’t it be better to give full community feedback on any potential game breaking changes before release once narrowed by this group?
3) Can the conversation be streamed so that others can jump in to provide feedback?
4) I personally feel everyone in the group should be noted as a point of contact to raise issues to have them fed back to. Not sure I agree with a secret group that is discussing changes yet we cant have a contact to raise our suggestions to so they can be discussed.

I still personally feel a specific forum for this topic should be raised. It could be read only for the rest of us but it will allow us to see what is being discussed and the potential changes being made.

My 2 Cents,


I think they can’t disclose that. Each GPF members will have to choose for themselves if they want to reveal their name.


Here is the thing. Everything this new group will tell you, will be things you have already been told and have ignored. You want to know what this group has to say? Read @Warlord Open letter. Until ALL of those things are addressed you don’t need this group of people.

There, read this. No need for this group. Once you address this and show that you actually take what the players say seriously this group is irrelevant.


number, not names


it’s still the same. If PG can’t give us the numbers, then red can’t give the numbers also.


Not sure I agree with keeping everything so secret. Surely you create the group as being a advocate for players. Gain feedback, understand the issues and invite players to liaise with you. They could have made it part of the requirement to join the group is that you would need to identifiable to the player base. If that was not for you then you can feed your ideas into one of the group.


That could also quickly become a popularity contest too though. I know some people who are “well known” that I would quit my team before being able to play with them.

There are plenty of “unpopular” people whos understanding and proficiency in the game far exceed others.


It is also INCREDIBLY draining to receive messages over and over and over and over. If i showed many of you my in game mailbox or my Line (before I made it private), you’d be shocked. It was hell and not worth it for me.