Gameplay Faction formed!


Just looking at it objectively. Let’s say they tell you everything you want to know. What do you see changing? At least in a short term sense?


I would want to know. But you’ve seen their suggestions already. It’s hardly new.

Have you seen Red’s suggestions?


They’re not suggesting differently behind your back. I understand that it’s natural to eager to know. But theyre clearly not gonna propose one thing here and propose another behind the public’s back. They have strong opinions formed already on how to change the game and theyre sticking to it. Just look at how they deal with people who challenge them on forum - they defend their proposals.


Will there be a release soon for the following:

  1. Sample size of the Group?
  2. Direction of the Group?
  3. How this will all work with them having NDA and voicing for the rest of us?

Etc… seems like everyone wants answers to some reasonable questions. The first release didn’t really give much solid info and I understand it’s new and a bit fluid but it might be a great idea.


It’s not a joke when its legally binding. If you are legally liable, i expect a different attitude from you regarding to it. I’m not afraid to stand up to PG. but i would not stand up Against the law just to make others happy for about 2 hours. It’s an understanding thing rather than whos got more balls.

Again, whats gonna be discussed from the players side is hardly new. The topics, the content, you name it. It’s here on public forum. It’s the outcome and how far GF can get in terms of progression making in solutions that matter. That’s a result. You dont expect a result at the start, you expect it at the end.


Thanks Red, would it really have killed EggToke, Crisis, or Arelyna to say that they were still gathering that data instead of giving lectures on not giving out the names?

I’m not the only player that wishes to know who is representing them in the GF yet every response up until yours has been “we aren’t releasing names”. Well duh. That’s why we aren’t asking for names.

Maybe you can give the PX department some lessons on, I dunno, customer interaction?

I do wish you all good luck, I just want to know metrics on who “you all” is…


Alright fair enough. my point was that and most likely everything you guys will be discussing has been discussed in countless threats both on this forum and the old one for over a year. I hope you discuss something new, and i hope PG actually listens.


Rome wasn’t built in a day!


Hey bro, do you have a suggested or preferred composition example? I’m sure it’ll mean something if you can do a write up of what you think is better. GF is just a newborn, i surely think your suggestions would be seen.

In the meantime, please take into consideration of how practically it can work. Please dont do a statistically perfect representation - its going to be very difficult to bring it into reality in an efficient way. Just a side note.

For example, if a very knowledgeable gold league player who doesn’t post much and take their time to write here, we wouldn’t know and wont be able to find him/her. What’s Conveniently available is a big advantage for the program, as things can get started faster.

The initial group of people, is just the initial group of people. Not anything more, not anything less. It’s going to be very premature to pin down the group and slap a label on it. I’m not saying you are, dont get offended lol, i would hate for you to take my comments as going at you. Im pretty sure initial reactions from us has taken a toll from their time of thinking about something else.

And the game has a long way to go. It’s too early to say anything really. Maybe focus on looking for candidates?

Then slowly, I’m sure GF can be enriched.


For the record, I’m just salty that I didn’t get an invite @PGEggToken. And, if most of the posters are honest, they are too. Don’t know what criteria was used in determining who’d get the golden ticket invite but this Charlie definitely feels that Wonka factory tour is well-deserved!


The phrase “too many cooks in the kitchen” is likely the reason behind it, ChefJen.


Touché @TheRedDelilah!


Can’t help but ask…but what is this based on?

Let alone nobody knows the goal/tone/direction. Yet you’re definitely qualified…:sweat_smile:


You’re too kind @Panda! As the self-proclaimed representative of the Portuguese-speaking community one of my concerns is that gamers whose games aren’t set to “English” (and all the problems that come along with that) will have their concerns heard as well as all the other general gameplay problems.


For those reasons I think you should stay in the group. You’re currently the outlier and your voice represents a lot of people in a situation I haven’t been in for over a year. Your participation is more valuable than you think.
Now I don’t know if you are a capable flier or anything, but just having a voice from your league/level is helpful.

Edit. Your level is higher than I thought. Point remains you represent non-diamond players.


I gave one of the chosen what I thought should have been the minimum requirements a few hundred posts ago. No, I don’t have some magical formula or statistical representation of the community, but PG must if they made the selections based on anything other than what currently “looks” to have been the selection criteria, and I mean no disrespect to anyone that has come forward to say they were chosen.

Like I said, I wish you all luck, and I do hope you make changes to the balance of the game, for much more than JUST the end / upper half of the game. I’m not trying to speak for anyone else, but it is my hope that all leagues and all levels are taken into consideration, whether they spend or not.


So…at the very least it’s set towards gameplay and given the biggest present issue is the balance of towers/dragon and your response is…I speak Portuguese. You don’t see the flaw here?


I generally avoid posting, particularly since there is so much (let’s be honest, well-deserved) negativity directed at anything PG has attempted, but I’m baffled by the overwhelming lack of optimism here. I fail to see how this new group is anything but a positive move. And yes, the points are valid: “it will be for nothing if PG doesn’t listen to them”, “look at their track record”, and so on.

It feels as though the the most vocal opposition has come to the point where they won’t accept anything PG attempts. I can’t speak for all involved in this group, but if you don’t have faith that at LEAST @TheRedDelilah will advocate for all, then I’m not sure PG could, in fact, do anything to appease you. Red has done so much for the community, from the big spenders up in Diamond all the way down to the level 10 free-to-play newbies, and is from what I’ve seen the biggest supporter for remedying one of the more frustrating barriers (breeding Sapphire and up). I’m sure she’s received thousands of personal messages, yet she has taken the time to personally respond to me both times I contacted her. THAT is the type of person you want in this group.

The one point someone brought up that is most problematic is how individuals were chosen. There are so many players that stay off the forums (such as myself). Most of us pay for an Elite account and nothing or little more, and we are the ones that will have no problem deleting the app and moving on once the issues pile up enough (I’ve already requested a replacement be found for me, for the record). For us, this is a sign that PG is at least trying, and they deserve a little credit for that.


@Panda you’re comparing apples to oranges. What I’m saying is that there are gameplay issues experienced by players who’s game isn’t set to English that is being ignored almost entirely because…well…those people don’t speak English. I’m sure that tower balancing isn’t the SOLE and ONLY function of GF.


Ooh yeah. For sure.

I hope so too. I really do. I have made it clear that no one has to spend to stay in team. So we suck at battle events most of the time because half of the team dont even have 5+ energy packs. From gold to platinum. It’s painful for them to thrive in D2. Anything related to that, not only i hope it to happen, it also benefits a great, great deal.


If this group is to discuss balance issues, how does language matter?