Gameplay Faction formed!


So by your logic…they’re experiencing issues ONLY when set to Portuguese?

Gameplay as I understand it is the mechanics of the game and it’s affect on players. Language has no impact on this.


Actually they have had game bugs occur only when certain languages are set in game. I use English so I haven’t experienced them, but updates have had fixes for those in the past.


@MikesGoN2GetU and @Panda since the description of the formation of GF says “how to adjust the game itself” in addition to balancing issues I had (perhaps naively and erroneously) hoped that some of these other issues would be topics that are visited


You may be right. I was legitimately curious. Also the point of this group is what me and panda have both been asking about.

What is the point. What new information do they expect to get that hasn’t already been said in forums?


I’ve seem that but that seems like more of a helpdesk ticket. What large scale discussion could that be?

Language setting is causing x bug. Create fix. Deploy fix.

I’m not trying to single anyone out but that’s exactly why the last one failed. You had broad based issues and it was distilled to “I need this done for me.”


That’s fair, it is more of a Helpdesk issue. Never mind. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hahaha trust me. You don’t want me as your customer service rep.


Hahahahah fair enough! Well said, @Panda. Although…help desk tickets over the last year and a half have had zero result. Different issue, not relevant to this thread. Just saying it’s been tried.


There are:

But that’s breakfix not balance :see_no_evil:


Honestly worried when language are of greater concern than the unbalanced issue of the current state of towers :woman_facepalming:t2:


Believe me…that’s not a language issue.


when will pg learn that smoke and mirrors tactics like this don’t work long term? Maybe “faction” 9 or 10. Being a glass half full person I can say that hey were potentially half way there


What are the requirements to be considered for this new faction? I am level 305 very active and participate .

I see many great community members who voice suggestions and yet seem to be dismissed. I always appreciate an open forum for ideas and information.

Good luck with this new group



I am going to close this thread for now. I do not see a solution coming from this thread right now.