Hauheset 101 (Videos):


Attacking a defended base:

-Method (1/5) Warding off mage towers super shots with Cloak or Time shift:

This method works on any hunter with cloak and preferably a white spell including (Noctua, Necryx, Hauheset…)

Special thanks to Leo from NMO for giving me his base and defending to practice this.


Shots’ll follow you back a lot.


What do you mean? The shots also get pulled back by Time Shift and you still get hit?


Yeap. If they engage, they’ll follow.


@XxxAirforcexXx can you post some defended videos of Hau clearing mage drain island using the technique you showed?


Wont work on a drain island with defenders…and id use that death gaze or lockdown after reds disabled to neutralize enough towers to rewind back and do more damage


I will say this, yes the shots follow u on rewind but i have successfully done this to activate mids supershots and rewind back to short to recover rage…if summon warrior is used at the right time it should allow this to negate the shots as well as damage and allow all the necessary rage buildup u might need


Do you wait a little longer to sand when you have a cloak dragon? With hau you can fire sand and still be in shift while sand travels. Not the case with cloak.

Edit: brilliant videos man! Thanks for sharing!


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Changed! :joy:


It does work on Necryx, Ofcource you need to customize it according to your dragon set of spells, base setup and your attack strategy. I will make a defended base video with Necryx lead.


I figured it out and it’s game changing man, thanks again for your vids and advice!


Will also work with invincibility shield


Warding off mage towers super shots with cloak, how to neutralize mage towers when leading with Necryx:

This can be reliably done if exuted right, +150 attacks in a row yesterday on L60 towers with defenders, only hit 2 bases from them more than once to go in.


Great skill :facepunch:t2:


The Blue mage to the back / L +55 Flak to the front setup:

How to easily clear out a base with blue mage towers to the back / Flak towers to the front setup (commonly used setup) while taking little or even no damage.


This stopped being 101 after the second or third post by @xXxAirForcexXx

Just saying…


:rofl: 101 - 501 and above

@xXxAirForcexXx Could you link to your later posts in the first post? I know a few people on my small’s team who will be near Hauheset/have Necryx who could benefit a lot from it, though are a bit uh… unwilling to scroll through things. :woman_facepalming: (still :green_heart: if they see this :sweat_smile:)


Nice work on the vids man! Generally i would of first sanded flak + red on first short island, especially with defenders because this allows u to quickly cast another sand on that back blue and with front blue lvl 26 thats just a few taps dpending on stats. All n all fantastic work, i especially like part where you hold sand before cloaking to deal with 2nd blue on mid…i do the same and with C2d etc :slight_smile:


This is probably my favorite, only problem is 2 blues will prevent this