Hauheset 101 (Videos):



What is your YouTube channel name so I follow you great videos


If you click on his vids, they’ll tell you:


@QBall007 xXxAirForcexXx


As someone who just hatched their first green dragons, I have to say this looks like amazing fun. Definitely motivating me to get another 900k egg tokens and hatch this one…


So lemme see if I’m observing correctly:

  1. prep sand in advance of island
  2. cloak and while cloaked sans blue
  3. re-cloak as soon as blue cancels 1st cloak?

Or is it…

  1. prep sand in advance of island
  2. sand blue
  3. cloak as soon as blue is sanded (must have ridiculous timing! )


It’s the latter.
Prep sand, cast sand, cloak immediately, blue uncloaks, cloak again asap.


I will attack this base in the next video:


:scream: That looks so scary. I’m not a good enough flyer to even attempt that lol. Good luck! Looking forward to seeing how you do!


You are crazy man! :scream::scream::scream:
Best attacks :pray::pray::pray:
Keep motivating me to get Hau :grin:



I know your videos are too awesome and love them. I am wondering how many tries it took you to get the perfect run of level 510


if you fail, try try again!


I bet none, rhe beauty of hitting high is they cant get anything back from peraonally hitting u themselves, they need a lower lvl member to back up


The reliable double/triple sanding spots:

-The triple one is the one at the middle long island.
-These spots work also for other spells like death gaze.
-They work also for hunter normal shots (can be used to do double the damage with the same amount of shots/ammo).
-Tower size does matter, large towers such as ice/fire turrets are easier to target.

The First Long Island:

The First Short Island:

The Second Long Island:

The Second Short Island:

The Last Island:


Great photo! I want to point out that if there’s a red center on the middle Long, and a front flak on either side of the red, one can reliably sand both red and the flak. It doesn’t work for all towers as you said, bigger towers are more likely to work (like the FF and ice in your photo), but since the mage flak is a pretty popular setup, I think it’s worth pointing out :slight_smile:


Thanks for all these videos and tips I really appreciate them :hugs:



He steamroll this base since level 2 and unboosted since 5.
Strongest garnet, Solid backer after Hauheset lead or Necryx lead. You will need to put rage runes on him as crumble needs 4 rage bars per island.


Great job! Really enjoy your videos and thank you for adding valuable content to the WD community.


I really appreciate your time in putting together the pictures on this post. I’m having a lot of trouble figuring out how to sand more than one tower at a time. I guess it’s made worse by the fact that you say it doesn’t work with all towers so I can never tell if I’m getting the placement wrong or if it would never work with those towers anyway. Half the time I end up with one tower sanded but sometimes I tap and NOTHING gets sanded lol. All-in-all I think trying to chase double sandings is making me worse with Nec and not better. At least when I go for a single sanding, I know what I’m going to get.
My question to you is- Is it worth it to keep practicing the double sandings? Do they get reliable enough to be worth it? Or is it always going to be a kind of 50-50 proposition?