Hauheset 101 (Videos):


Best bets are: Front L and R of the short islands, front 3 of the back half of middle long, Front L of the front of the first long. There are other spots but these are the most important ones.

Flak + mage almost always guarantees a double sand. Ice + Fire also I believe. Other tower combinations are more tricky - I’ll need to test and compile some data.


Yes, practice. This is helps tremendously. Especially when there are mages at the front/mid of the back half of a long island. You can sand them and another defense before it can even fire on you.

Not sure on you level but there are plenty of xp bases that have a farm or a small level at the front of a long island. You can keep those alive and practice sanding the back. Offer xp runs to your teammates so you aren’t just wasting heal pots.


Question for all you folks who have been in atlas longer than me - i can’t seem to replicate double sand reliably in Atlas - anyone got any tips?


Yes, it’s ridiculously messed up in atlas, plus all of the invader towers are small towers so it makes it even harder.
Short islands are the same strategy although I think the right side is easier than the left.
Middle Long you can sand the right front two, but not the left,
in the back 5 you can sand the back and center, but not the front and center :man_shrugging:t3:
Front home island is hard, think right side is easier,
Back 5 either side works on the front.


This base in the next video:


Craziness! Good luck :wink:



Great flying as always! 1 pointer and 1 question:
1 Q:
Did you mean to leave the two towers on first short and one tower on the second short with hau? I can see it being a rage gainer or if the red mage in the center was giving crumble some trouble.
1 pointer:
On the Long Island with Nec, the way that red and flak are situated, they’re able to be sanded with one sand in the middle of the two towers. It helps when every rage bar counts :slight_smile:

Again, amazing work and thanks for sharing!


You need to intentionally leave a tower or a perch behind on the 2 short islands for Frostbiter to be able to crumble 4 times on the 2 long islands with the crap runes I have on him. This is not necessary if you have leg rage on.


No this is not a double spot, there’s no reliable double sanding spots on the front of the middle island. If you hit in the middle of these 2 towers, 90% non of them will get locked down. And sanding the flak in round one has no effect on the outcome of the attack as hauheset can crumble or sand the middle island just as easy with or without the flak. Rage isn’t a problem with hauheset as I have 5 rage runes him and he gain 2 additional rage bars every time he time shift.


There are actually reliable tower combos in the front of middle Long. One of them is red mage center, and flak (either) on the left or right. If a red is middle and a flak is on the front 2 spots, it can reliably be sanded. You are correct in that it’s not a reliable spot bc that spot very much depends on which towers are present and everyone’s front of mid island is different.
What I’m saying is that if certain tower combos are present, then they can reliably be sanded.

I’m very envious and impressed xD


And if we assume that this spot is reliable (which it isn’t). In this particular attack, why would you risk leaving the red mage (which might fire) losing rage and possibly losing the attack just for a small chance of locking down a tower that you have no intention in targeting? as it would make no difference on how round 2 will go,


I’m not trying to say “oh look, you did this wrong”, I’m trying suggest something that you can use in your amazing arsenal of tricks.
You don’t have to believe me if you don’t want to but I encourage you to test it out. I’m gonna go grab some pics from a run I just did while awaiting your response and give a little play by play.


Sand blue

Aim inbetween flak and red:

Both are sanded:

I can land this sand everytime unless I’m holding a kicking screaming baby :rofl: (love her though).


It’s good that you posted a screenshot, notice that it took you longer to lock down the mage giving it the opportunity to fire at you, now either you will lose rage and lose the attack or if your reaction is fast enough you’ll will dodge it with cloak losing an unnecessary to lose rage bar and you might not be able to cloak again in time if mages at back of the middle island fire at you due to cool down time of cloak. All this to target a tower that you have no intention in / need to target!


Lutrus, I already posted all the reliable and tested double sanding spots here:

The reliable double/triple sanding spots:

-The triple one is the one at the middle long island.
-These spots work also for other spells like death gaze.
-They work also for hunter normal shots (can be used to do double the damage with the same amount of shots/ammo).
-Tower size does matter, large towers such as ice/fire turrets are easier to target.

The First Long Island:

The First Short Island:

The Second Long Island:

The Second Short Island:

The Last Island:

If you still have a question or there’s something you don’t understand pm me, don’t interrupt the article.


What’s the blink trick?



Oh isn’t this the cloak trick? i.e. cloak/timeshift after sanding the blue before the mage shots hit u?

Then what’s the cloak trick? :confused:

Edit: missed the timshift before sand…hence blink - ok got it. what’s the cloak trick then?


They’re both the same trick, queue sand, cast sand, cloak/shift right after casting sand, get uncloaked/shifted, and then cloak/shift to dodge.