Have you ever fallen for someone in the game? ๐Ÿ‘€


Long before the weekly shuffling of teams, I fell for the biggest jerk in our division. He and one of my officers sincerely hated each other. The words they slung at the other in LC. :see_no_evil:

Thankfully nothing came of it but I sometimes still think of him. Hope youโ€™re doing well Shrek. :kissing_heart::hugs::hugs:


I plan to meet my future ex wife here.


My honey and I met here almost 4 years ago, she sold her house and moved to Texas one year ago. Today we live and run a business together. Maybe we took merging our teams together a little too seriouslyโ€‹:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Love my Ladybughugโ€‹:heart_eyes:


Taking my chances โ€ฆ hello are you there? My inbox is very spacious dont be shy.


I saw this and the song falling for you from teen beach movie 2 played in my head :joy:


Everyone seems to fall in love with me :slight_smile:๏ธ Not sure if they are into my nudes or my personality though :roll_eyes:


I once tripped and fell while assisting someone with their war hitโ€ฆ does that count as โ€œFalling for someoneโ€?


Well there was this one French Vicky Secret model who said she was helping Brian Greene work out a few equations to finally present his unified theory of physics to their peers while not playing WDโ€ฆ then she hopped to Diamond and hasnโ€™t returned, thus proving the existence of cybernetic black-holes in mobile gamingโ€ฆ


Itโ€™s Okay ladies you can tell everyone here about me :man_shrugging: :cricket::cricket::cricket::cricket::cricket::cricket::cricket:


That got me hard :rofl::skull:



Periods because body was to short lol