Ice flak SS ward off with Hauheset


Buffing the Elemental Ice Flaks

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How are u able to cloak and time shift if ice flak prevents u from casting spells?


The super shot has to hit you, but if you’re already cloaked, it can’t hit you (unless bugged), so won’t silence. It’s not like the blue mage aura that’s always there.


It should fire instantly and with a max velocity rate…id have to say it is not functioning properly, if it is then id have to say try it with a blue in the back inside of short.


I’d be down to test it.


Supershot has short range according to someone (was it @forScience?) and has a long wind-up so it will virtually never hit a good flyer ever. Even with a blue mage around.


Better don’t show it,or it might be “balanced” as well😹
On serious note-awesome flying :raised_hands:t2::hugs:


Range of Ice Flak Normal Shot -> 83 ( Longest in game )
Range of Ice Flak SS -> 70 ( Same as archer, cannon lightning and other towers )
That’s what numbers indicate. I don’t have Ice Flak so can’t comment on anything more. :crossed_fingers:


Where u find those numbers? Thx


where u finded those numbers ?? thx u mate


I have my ways, but i assure its from the game directly.

Sorry, i can’t give out anymore info


explain yourself pls :slight_smile: @Luffy


Other than lightning tower, I do not know of any shots that travel will “max velocity,” and I do not know of any that have both instant fire and max velocity. An undodgeable shot seems like a bad idea, imo.


Most towers have a SS range of 90 (or, that is when they start “winding up” if they are pre-loaded). This is part of the reason SS with a short wind-up that fire when coming around the corner are difficult to dodge.


So ice and storm dont hit instantly?

The flaks hit when they fire. Instantly. Its the reload rate that would make a difference.


Let me check the flaks… Ice and Storm SS are primarily defensive. So, I don’t think that is really comparing apples to apples. They do damage, but not much (relatively).

I could be wrong. :stuck_out_tongue: – certainly wouldn’t be the first time. Just ask my wife.

EDIT: SS on Dark and Fire flak has a “wind-up” of 0.03 seconds. So, it would fire the moment it is loaded. It travels at a speed of 100. Lightning shots travel at 300. It appears to be instant because of the short range. 100 is still dogeable, but only at longer ranges. For reference, hunter shots move at 110.

Edit 2: SS range on DF is 50, even shorter than the regular attack. – this adds to the perception of instant, since you are practically on top of the tower before it fires.