January 09 Ban Wave


OK PG has right to ban accounts due to violation of CoS, we understand this, but in the same time they must prove that there is a violation of CoS.
you cannot just ban accounts like this without prove then asking to submit a ticket to review your account and it will take 3-4 days or sometimes months without reply !! then based on what you banned the accounts ??
once account banned, PG should have expected these appeals and tickets and should have been prepared to prove cheating whatever is the way used, PG has to provide material evidences.
for me this is the first time I am writing in public after following the ticket process ( now 7 days without reply) so don’t ask me to be patient and say we have many tickets to review which you should not be doing if you are 100% sure of cheating.
I see this as arbitrary ban and rolling back some accounts & ignoring tickets just prove it.


Play God? I mean they are doing what they want in a game they own :man_shrugging:


I’m not 100% sure of this, but MOST games’ Terms of Service say they have the right to ban accounts for whatever reason they see fit, and they don’t need to provide that reason.

I’m sure someone can look it up in this games ToS but it is pretty universal


You are incorrect.

The TOS are part of a legal contract, and unless you are in a courtroom with PG, they don’t matter really. To that end, PG owns all accounts and maintains the right to terminate your use of it at any given time for any reason including no reason.

So even if you sued PG, the only reason they would have to tell you what you did was because they felt generous or because it helped their case.

Your assertion of months without reply is unfounded and ridiculous. If you think that’s how they operate, the question would be why do you still play a game where you think that is what happens? I can promise you they will close your ticket before letting it sit that long.

3-4 days is not unreasonable. The game will still be here when (if) you get your account back.


as u said “whatever reason they see fit” my case no reason yet provided


i think you have not seen above posts about [quote=“EidolonRM, post:657, topic:25313”]
The TOS are part of a legal contract, and unless you are in a courtroom with PG, they don’t matter really. To that end, PG owns all accounts and maintains the right to terminate your use of it at any given time for any reason including no reason.

have you seen the other posts about delay in responses? 3-4 days not unreasonable ? how about 7 ?
it is easy to write rubbish and ridiculous comments without checking


Lets make it simple since you don’t seem to be able/want to understand:

They don’t have to ever respond to you. And they don’t ever need to provide you with a reason.


True and they obviously can do that… in turn I can choose how much money I spend as well, which has been drastically less than it use to be in recent months largely due to how i view this game as being run. Obviously not just because of how they handle cheaters. I completely support the mass banning of cheaters and this is actually a step in the right direction. Doesn’t mean i 100% support how they handle it though.


Thank god you don’t work in PG support otherwise more mess than current will be there


maybe you did something from last season and not this current season.

Don’t you remember doing any exploit or cheat that you won’t admit no matter what? For example, like what the other player has provided (then deleted it i guess) where he has like thousands of gold chest. Did you have like more than 500 in a given time?

They just did a ban wave and violation might have occurred during the past few months or seasons. This thing happens on CSGO and WoW where they do ban waves whenever they are ready to update their security or fix those loopholes.


I’m not entirely sure where the quote is, but PGJared said that having 500 gold chests at once isn’t the issue. They look at whether or not you got all those gold chests in a short span of time. So you’re fine if you hoard to get to more than 500…but you’re going to have issues if you get 500 in just a couple of seconds.


They also check if you spent in that short time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


that’s what im referring to. poor choice of words on my end i guess


It wasn’t too bad, just needed some additional clarification :blush:


Thanks for the reply bud
on the same day of the ban I sent my ticket with all purchases receipts since 2016 till the ban wave day which I also made purchase unfortunately.

so 7 days since I submitted the ticket and only reply I got which in the same day is

"Thank you for reaching out to us.
I will go ahead and forward your ticket to our specialist team. We may come back to ask for more information or provide troubleshooting steps to try, in case this helps in resolving the issue as quickly as possible.
Once again, thank you for your understanding, we look forward to finding a solution for you!"

and nothing happened.


uhh, you didn’t answer my question… did you obtained a lot of gold chest in a small amount of time or not? or any kind of exploit.

Purchases means nothing if you cheat like what Jared said.


Oh sorry i missed it
I am confident that i have not done any of this

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I am one of the people whose accounts have been banned and I see that the management of the game is unfair. There are many people who pay a lot of money in this game. It is not fair that the band is comprehensive.


There are those who cheat and circumvent the game but turn a blind eye to him, but the Arabs are under the microscope Why this racist?