LFM - Platinum 2 - ColdBrewCrew looking for active teamplayers (lvl 100+ & above)


Hi there,

I’m not gonna hard-sell ColdBrewCrew because every team here seems to be active, helpful & fun; and I’m sure they all are :grinning: So, I’m just gonna cut to the chase and list out what our team can or can not offer.

Why we are recruiting…
Our team is happy and stable but we do have a number of alts in the team whom we want to replace with active mains. We have a great team and we are looking to grow stronger. As we are currently thin in the ranks of our lvl 200+s, we don’t have high hopes that any lvl 200+ would be wiling to join us, so we would like to boost up our lvl 100+ base.
Team & player compatibility is what is important to us - a good fit to our current team dynamics and structure. We don’t mind holding out for a few good awesome individuals! :smiley:
If this interests you, please read on.


  • A stable & low-drama team - we are a happy family & many of us have been playing together for almost a year or more
  • International team covering all major timezones - no dead air in TC :smirk:
  • Generous with knowledge, RSS, xp runs… even inner fires - everyone helps everyone regardless of levels (we mean it) & we promote reciprocation
  • Willing to invest in players who put in time & effort - proud to say a good handful of our lvl 100+s are homegrown with dragons stronger than their level
  • Small but strategic - we are relatively smaller than our P2 peers & get underestimated frequently but we hold our own in P2 through good ol’ teamwork
  • Lastly, we are a very active team with good, friendly people & we regularly hit 250 flames


  • We are NOT an Atlas team
  • We are not looking to move up to Plat 1 or Sapphire until we get stronger - P2 is our current sweet spot to let our little ones grow & we have had to lose wars to stay here
  • We are not a daily warring team - not looking to move up and we like our weekends :slight_smile:
  • We can’t claim to place well in all events especially in PvPs where size matters but in lvl-friendly PvPs we kick ass (#1 in last Gauntlet) - that said, we have been doing pretty well in last breeding (#4) & fort (#5)
  • We don’t talk smack or dirty - if that is your kind of thing, we unfortunately can’t cater to it


  • First & foremost, an active/highly active lvl 100+ TEAM PLAYER who is 18+ & looking for a good home
  • Someone who is willing to do wars in waves (we can coach, don’t worry)
  • Someone who is social in chat and communicates & gets along with other players in the team
  • Someone who likes to be part of a team that learns and grow together
  • No nationality preference (we love all!) but a good understanding of English is better for your enjoyment :slight_smile:
  • No arrogance or drama please… & no, we don’t offer officer positions to new team mates :slight_smile:

I know this has been long, so thanks for reading :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
We like to be upfront as to what kind of a team we are so that we can ensure both player & team longevity!
If you are interested, I would love to chat further in-game… please drop me (Tingg) or my officer (SlayerSime) a mail :kissing_heart:

Thank you!


My main account is on this team and it is an awesome team. I’ve been there for about 2 months.

Hope to find some new family to join us!


Been with ColdBrewCrew for a month now and can honestly say I love it here. Super friendly and active team that places well in events and is happy to help with all aspects of the game. This will be my home for a very long time :beers:


I’m in here too! Great post! It’s an amazing team…wars are certainly fun but there are a lot :joy: Events Rock with us!


Uhhhh you guys do realise that you saying that YOUR team is awesome doesn’t help recruit that much? People will think you’re just bumping this thread.


People who are/have been in a team are the only ones who know how awesome it is. Don’t see the harm in them commenting. Your response also bumped it and so did this reply :clap:


We just ended the event at #1… and we still have space to take in a couple :wink:


We still have a couple of places :heart:


We got this ting :joy: