LFM - Platinum 4 team NightCreatures looking for active players lvl 60+


NightCreatures are an active team in Platinum 4, we’re looking to plug some gaps and swap out a few alts while we’re at it!

While high-level players are of course very welcome, we’re enthusiastic to take on active players whatever your level. Participation in wars and events will be mandatory, but otherwise we want people who will contribute to a fun and drama-free team!

PM me here on the forums or message me in-game if you’re interested.


Still time to join before the next event starts.


Shamelessly bumping this thread - still have some alts to swap for active players. Get in touch to join us between events!


Well we found some new members! Some are awesome, but a few didn’t work out. Shame for them, great for you! Looking to switch some people round after the event, message me in-game and one of them could be you.


Atlas access? If so, can you take a level 25 alt with a level 284?


We’d take you, but afraid we don’t have Atlas yet.


Expecting to have a couple of spots open up after the event! Contact me if interested.