LFM W00kieN00kie P3 50+


Hi I’m MaxxOverKill, Leader of W00kieN00kie, we’re looking to replace a few Alts with dedicated players.

Our team goal is to make it to Atlas for the next expansion and start the new season with a bang. We currently have a handful of players in Garnet breeding, and we would like to have players with Platinum and above join us.

As a team we follow Reds breeding guides, and base advice based on MechEng. We are very supportive and have players feom around the globe so we’re active pretty much 24/7

Language: able to communicate in English please
Time Zone: mostly EST but players from around the globe
Played time: team age is about 7 months
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?:most but not required
Dragon Roster Includes: Necryx, Kinnarus, Neptus, Moonfang.
Highest Lineage Dragon: Frosty

About: Adult team seeks dedicated and ambitious players, to apply search kien in the team hall and an officer or myself will reply shortly.



Bump for visibility, now accepting applications from level 25 and up who are willing to learn and grow, no missed wars allowed