LFM W00kieN00kie the team everyone loves to hate wants you to join up and kick butt Plat 4 60+


Hi I’m MaxxOverKill, Co leader of W00kieN00kie.

We thrived in gold 1 and bumped into plat 4, it quickly became evident that some players weren’t up to the challenge and we have spots open

We war allot (some teams hate us for it) and kick butt in events.

I feel we’re very knowledgeable and helpful to anyone who asks but we won’t take BS from anyone trying to dish it out

We’re currently rated to return to gold 1 from Plat 4 and with a few more players we can easily return and continue moving up.

Seeking players who are willing to learn and help above level 60 would be nice to have someone in Garnet tier and above 200 but willing to accept anyone who wants see if they fit in with our quirky team.

I am 160, we have a couple players who can solo the 312xp base to help bigs level Dragons and the majority of our team are very proficient with death gaze XP runs for anyone under 130.

Language: able to communicate in English please
Time Zone: mostly EST but players from around the globe
Played time:7 months
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?:most but not required
Dragon Roster Includes: Necryx, Kinnarus, Kelvin, Rizar, vulcan
Highest Lineage Dragon: breeding sekhem now

About: rather this be tl;dr join us and kick A** team W00kieN00kie wants you!