LFT – 158: Fenris1 – `Plat 1` to `Sapphire 2/3 with Atlas`


Looking for Sapphire team with Atlas
Language: English
Time Zone:GMT+1
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account: Yes
Free to play with the exception of Elite account
Account level: 158
Dragon Roster Includes: Nec(with maxed out Grogg and equipment), Hau, Zam, Aib, Frostbiter, Aster, Ember (lvl 1)
Riders: Grogg, Tor, Kayla and Oksana
Highest Lineage Dragon: Frostbiter (Garnet)

About: I really want to try out Atlas and get back into a semi-competitive team. Looking for a team in Sap 2/3. I usually get 450 event tokens in weakly event’s. I play daily and participate in all wars. Due to my time zone I normally have to do my war attacks 4 to 8 hours before the war ends. I will rarely if ever be able to get my war attacks in early as its the middle of the night for me.