May 2018 Ban Wave


I was not comparing forum bans vs bans for cheating. I mean the number of those banned vs the number of active ones. The data is there, action just has to be taken whether it is in the form of a manual ban, a better written script for automatic detection.

If thousands are being banned then I am willing to bet thousands are still at it with relative easy. Some if it just likely is not getting caught but how much of it is just simply given a pass, I doubt that one will ever get answered either.


This made me laugh… this guy had max lvl towers all over his base. ROFL!


Why are the perches still level 63?


They don’t get removed when the base gets reset; the reset code might just be old and not recognize perches :joy:


Who’s going to be the new “Jared”? :eyes:


Beware the double ban :joy:


That really depends on how you define my role.

  • Who is the new PX manager? No one. I’m not being replaced.
  • Who is going to spend way too much time on the forum? No one. We’re going to be more healthy.
  • Who is the person you should ping in every message you create on the forum? No one. If it’s a support issue ping a PX person, otherwise please don’t ping my team.

Generally speaking though the forum is a Community Manager endeavor, which would be our good pal Crisis.


Walk Away by Kelly Clarkson starts playing :notes::notes::notes:


I think what he’s getting at is who’s going to be the amazing problem solver you are, we know your time is valuable, but your ability to affect change doesn’t go unnoticed, you’re often the person mentioned because you address issues so swiftly.


:thinking: Spam Crisis more and Jared less?

/flee from Crisis


It’s because I happen to be one of the policy-makers for a specific area of Pocket Gems. That said, it’s getting to the point where I’m on here at weird hours and make stupid mistakes and then have to issue public apologies. Y’all want me at my best, so I need to back off.


Will Crisis be able to reverse forum bans? Just wondering :sweat_smile:

And I will miss you Jared :kissing_heart:


Crisis pretty much owns the forum, so yes.


You’re a treasure, PGJared. As much as I love your witty replies and above-and-beyond effort, work/life balance is important :slightly_smiling_face:


I think you wanted to say Craig David… :joy:


I consider it a compliment that someone might mistake me for Craig David.


Really, YOU’RE the pal here, (Cowboy) Jared. Be your own #1. :heart:


Well then let’s just hope petty forum bans will become a thing of the past.


Don’t be ridiculous


:flushed:. I am literally laughing :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

Edit: To clarify … I’m laughing at the name, not the comment. Omg! :woman_facepalming: