May 2018 Ban Wave


I just meant the general principle I guess, and true. They’d do a lot in the name of profit but not quite sure they would defraud people…then again, hard to say I guess. Hopefully it improves, but don’t see much action or motivation.


That logic applies more to the customer then to the multi million dollar corporation :joy: it would be Very cost prohibitive for someone to bring that bring that sort of action forward.


I don’t practice law, and I definitely don’t know all current cases, especially in NH; however, the last I checked those kinds of laws don’t apply to purchases with virtual currency inside of an account you don’t actually own.

I expect it’s just a matter of time before someone rules that the use of virtual currency in such a way is only to bypass such laws is in violation of the intention of those laws and is tested in court or patched with new laws. I also expect at some point it may not be found to be legal to declare a virtual account such as one where you spend towards progress to be not at least partially considered propery of the user of said account. But I expect there is a whole lot of digital rights pioneering that’s yet to be done.

However, I could be entirely wrong. The only cases I’m aware of, settled out of court. The entire mobile gaming industry largely has the same (often worse) practices as PG, so I doubt their position is so dangerous as it maybe should be.


can be used as a xp base now lmfao


Didnt this firejinn dude win or top 5, lots of the past global event ranks ?


Yup ! Various Fort and PVP’s :grimacing: i had been hitting his base around as it was the strongest base out there :heart_eyes:


His perches can still take out many lower tier dragons :joy:


No idea…


Firejinn from which clan ?


And so does every innocent person. :man_shrugging:


At least to the extent that there are rules for which breaking those rules results in a ban. Those rules should be made clear in the game itself, not only in the forum.

Account sharing is probably the only non-hack that I can think of that is a bannable offense - are there any others? I suppose some people have probably been banned for egregious behavior in LC or something…

Of course the whole account sharing thing would go away completely if they would just fix war. There have been about 10 to the 53rd power forum posts about fixing war but to my knowledge PG hasn’t responded to any of them.

Creators faction people, or new advisory faction (whatever its called) people, do you know if PG is studying war fixes internally? Or are they just going to leave it the way it is?


There are enough employees at PG that sooner or later someone might come forward with internal confidential emails, source code, memos, meeting minutes that sort of thing. The sort of thing we are never meant to see.

And furthermore some of the whales could easily afford to set up a bounty fund to reward any such person who leaks internal documents. Mind you I am not suggesting that this be done, just saying that it is feasible.


War mechanics have not been discussed with the GPF.


I wonder why that is? Couldn’t have anything to do with a TOS that is implicitly agreed to (or even one that you have to at least scroll through before clicking ok) that is so obviously one-sided that no court would actually consider it a valid contract.

Note: I am not an attorney, I am however, quite familiar with a number of cases that never actually made it to court. Settling seems to be the preferred choice, for many reasons. Cost is only one of them. No trial, no precedent. NDA, no public awareness. No awareness, no reason to change or create the applicable laws.


Has anyone even been banned for account sharing? PG has said before it is OK to play on multiple devices and people are constantly getting new devices, so it would be tough to set up a flag for multiple devices accessing the account. Also for jobs/travel, people are moving around so setting up a flag for location seems impossible. It would have to be some combination of the two and require a person to manually review the account, which seems cost prohibitive.

I was always under the assumption they “banned” account sharing simply to have an easy out for account disputes. There were quite a few cases of account gifting/selling/borrowing and PG had to attempt to give control of the account to one person. Often it was murky. So by saying it’s a bannable offense, they no longer have to even attempt to sort it out. Instead they can just say “Well, looks like neither of you get it now. Panned.”


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I now try to be reimbursed for all the money spent in these 3 years
I did not do anything that the game did not allow to do
And I have repeatedly asked for assistance and said that I used more accounts on my device


A lawsuit against the abuses of pocketgem and their non-commitment to protect the players on which they built an economic empire
It could be a good idea for all those who, like me, have been struck by their phobias and ineptitude to make sure that players play and do not poison themselves even by spending their money
I advise you to go and see other games where you are protected


Not all teams ask for player account data and, personally, I would never agree to hand mine over :woman_shrugging:


You have had it answered already but

Im fairly certain that there is even an automatic ban feature applied as the 1 and only time ive ever reported a player in this game was around a year ago when this player had billions of points in a fort event alone. I mentioned it in league chat and soon every lurker appeared, agreed, and reported the same.

He was banned in under 5min lol