May 2018 Ban Wave


SIX HUNDRED comments is enough.
Let’s close it and save the energy for productive subjects - or for next wave.


You made 601



We’ve got things in the works. :wink:

We don’t expect this to happen.

And yeah, this HAS become quite a large thread, huh? Happy 600+ post, everyone. :tada:


i guess someone was unhappy with his ban.

seriously. how can that happen?
i always thought PG autodetects such huge amount of Rubies/Tokens used


PG vs the cheats


Idk what he’s using to breed that didn’t catch the auto… however leaderboards are swiped clean at event end


Pictures of screen < screenshot :wink:

I think I got a little vertigo from those.


lol, I think I did too. I kept thinking “man, if only he’d rotated those images so I could read them easily without turning my ipad 90 degrees” :laughing:


I hope so. I reported a very blatant hacker several days ago and he’s still around enjoying his hacked dragons


PG probably wont release the stats on this but they only banned a small portion who were using the most egregious mods.


Jared said it was targeting a specific hack… they work as they identify new ones and stop them


So, monstersdesert is back in atlas. Or maybe they never lost access? In any case this is a shambles.

@pgEcho @PGJared @PGCrisis this sends a real bad signal that one of the most notorious cheating teams either wasn’t booted or found their way back in somehow.


Fun times in whack-a-mole land.
PG see how impotent you are? @PGJared @PGCrisis @PGEggToken


Defense power implies they’re all banned (or in ban limbo and awaiting investigation)


Yes you’re right.

I’ll bet on them all resurfacing in the next week though.


I believe some have resurfaced already :man_shrugging:t2:


I’m sure you’re right



They definitely lost access. They used to be my neighbor. All of their primarchs were removed from the map.

I’m told they may have exploited something to get atlas back. (Not sure if it’s hearsay but supposedly there is a way that has been done before without PG doing anything. )

In any event it’s terrible that a celebrity cheater is showing they are above punishment.


Where did they resurface since you seem to have the answers here?