May 2018 Ban Wave


There’s an old team name exploit. But that hole should be closed for them. Unless it wasn’t. Maybe if they left then rejoined they could come back? Dunno.


In the game of course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Right after PG milk all the whales who are trying to get th top spots on the leaderboard…


This is news to me, where exactly did you wrongly assume I resurfaced? As usual you have no clue what you are talking about but that should be second nature by now as it tends to be a daily occurrence.


Who are you?? :joy::joy:
I wasn’t taking to u or about u cause I have no clue who u are…or why ur talking like u know me

Edit: unless ur saying u are all those ppl above :grimacing:


I reported someone today. Bookmarked then to see if I was right to do so. Similar leveled opponent that one shotted my boosted Nec while elemental barrier was rolling. Towers in range red mage, storm, ice flak, dark flak, Fire flak, next two towers on the next island we’re both fire turrets.

To my limited knowledge I should have been fine but one shotted before I even got my sand off.


Ice flak SS disables shields…probably does the same to elemental barrier


From the original announcement.


Potential scenario:

Ice flak super hits and disabled shield. Then almost immediately after, u got hit by a dark flak super and a fire flak normal. That could kill u :man_shrugging:


No probably about it. It for sure does.

What it doesn’t do is disable passive, impact pre casted spells, or fire on a dragon that is not an eligible target (currently cloaked or similar spell)


I suppose the brightside to anybody banned and mistakenly leveled their ember is they get to start again with a level 1 ember.


Agree. Necessity to exploit glitches is a sign of weakness.


Thank you for that info. I’d much rather assume a tower had an ability I hadn’t known about then someone was nefariously changing tower stats behind the curtain.


You know, it seems like the number of random invites I get has increased since the ban wave. What used to be only 5-6 in a day has quickly become 20+ daily invites. Makes me think that the teams all lost a lot of players, perhaps due to the ban wave? Whatever the case, it’s super annoying having important team mail shoved to the back and risk being deleted because of all these invites. Can I interest any PG employees in looking at this thread? Specifically that last bit.
Idea to make recruiting easier and to block unwanted invites because we NEED this!


I know I am not gonna make friends here, but I would like to ask @PGJared to lookup the ticket 1162859. Two days ago one of our officers was banned and there is no response from anyone untill now to that ticket, other than the usual first response. I’ll let him speak for himself, he tried contacting @PGCrisis following my advice, but for now nothing has come up. It’s frustrating for someone who runs 12 hours a day to get the tokens needed for his first Obisidian - as he did last event - and be banned for it. In the last week he had 3.0 M medals because of all the runs he did. Please, don’t get me wrong, I am all for the bans ! But when innocent people get the ban with the crowd, I find it hard, especially for the team. IF @PGJared can look the ticket, look at the facts and give him a verdict before this week event starts would be great ! Thank you !


Jared wrote a while ago if u tag any PX here in forum to check Tickets regarding Bans he will put this Ticket in the very end of the Waiting List.

so now you probably wait longer. just wait till someone answers u


Jared stated if it was done at the same time. This has been two days now …


That’s a bit of misinformation. He said if you send a ticket and tag PX team at the same time, THEN you’ll go to the back of the line. If you send a ticket, you feel it isn’t being handled correctly, and they aren’t escalating it, then you can ask for PX involvement.


my bad. im heading back to my corner


I’m not sure two days is sufficient time to wait in this case. There are doubtless numerous ban appeals in the system already. I think a week would likely be safer before pestering Jared about it. Simply because I wouldn’t want the ticket to be moved to the back of the line.