May 2018 Ban Wave


2 days for an initial response?? That’s more then a sufficient time to wait.


Just to let you know, it is not me who’s banned. I always kept a decent conversation and will always do, whatever the context. It was also my initiative to write today here, in the forum, not the one who’s banned.
The person who’s banned, I know him since my first days in game, since the begining, he was always an officer and always there for everyone. I thought I had to do something for him. If I am in the wrong, I ask @PGJared to disregard my message, but don’t put the ticket at the back of the list because of me.


The ticket was submitted and received a response from an agent in under 4 hours. (I never know whether to use less or fewer in that situation. I lean towards fewer because you can count hours. Anyways…) Once they replied and asked for it to be reviewed again it was placed in a queue to have a specialist team review it. That team has a large number of bans to review.

See above. The initial response was delivered in just under 4 hours.

Don’t worry. I’m not going to do that. Their ticket will retain its place in the queue.



Less than 4 hours.


I love that we’re all discussing grammar now. I should really create a pedantry “pet peeves” thread at some point.

We should get back on topic now…


Put ensure and insure on the list please. And moot/mute.


Add initialism vs acronym to the list as well.

On topic: is this the last ban wave as pg is transition to a more “nip it in the bud” approach or are there a few more waves coming?


Waves have already occurred after the ‘Main’ ban wave and will continue to occur. We probably won’t be posting information about sweeping waves of bans like we did here, since this was the beginning of that process, but is now ongoing. :hammer:


@PGJared - Thank you for your time you took to answer my message. So all it’s to do, is wait.


If you can count them, fewer is correct.

I spilled less rice than Panda.

Panda spilled fewer grains of rice than I.



We should talk about prescriptive and descriptive dictionaries next.



I never understood why this mattered. If you can communicate with and understand the other person, then that’s all that should matter.

Fun Fact: Myet phslte ogey nifd tce flbut afd lwnt lvsqkgs of a whbd to rmxd a sncihvre. Pakury cpel, rgwkt?


Is that English (before ciphered) … I’m not a genius… But I’m pretty good. But I hitting a wall. :cry:


Most people do only need the first and last letters to read the word


It does work better if you actually have the regular letters that are in the words though :laughing:
(It deos wrok btteer if you atcaluly hvae the rguealr letetrs taht are in the wdors touhgh)


That doesn’t actually work. Certainly you can guess but as was pointed out you need the right letters. The human brain doesn’t actually read letters sequentially, so you can scramble the letters.

Knowing what you were going for I can guess what you intended with a strong confidence. But there are a lot of words with the same number of letters and the same first and last letter.


@PGJared @PGCrisis how many active players are on War Dragons now? With the continuation of bans and the scale of them…I ponder how many actually are playing this game. Seems to be more than I thought. Maybe I need more friends. Will you two become my friends?


And once again I wonder why PG doesn’t or can’t use IP bans.

Yes, some more educated cheaters will just use a proxy or something else, but it might cut down on the thousands of low knowledge cheaters that simply download third party apps to cheat and keep making new accounts to cheat on and keep influencing the game constantly in a bad way.

Which makes me wonder, I can’t remember any other game where it’s so easy to get a cheater-account that was created in one day into the top league where most of the top customers are and influence their progression in events, wars, Atlas and more.

Why aren’t there more natural gateways besides better security, like a tutorial that takes way more time such as a sandbox where players between lvl1-30 learn the game but can’t influence the rest of the game yet.
Or requirering X medals to apply to a team in a higher league (I think medals were hard to hack?).
Or putting other gateways on achieving certain dragon tiers such as time.

Just some thoughts…


I do know seeing accounts with obviously impossible combinations of infrastructure, towers, and dragons go for weeks unbanned damages my confidence in PG’s ability to catch cheaters. If those types aren’t somehow cheaters it’d go a long way for PG to explain why they’re not even if their normal policy is privacy.